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24-Hour Crisis Line

(414) 257-7222

Call now if you believe you or a loved one is experiencing a crisis.

Am I Having a Crisis?

Anyone can have a crisis.

Adult. Child. Man. Woman. Healthy. Out of shape. No family history of mental health concerns. Day shift. Night shift. ANYONE.

Signs of a Crisis

  • You've thought about what method you would use to harm yourself or someone else
  • You don't feel able to cope with daily problems or activities
  • Your thoughts are racing and you are talking faster than you remember
  • You hear voices others don't seem to hear
  • You feel others are planning to harm you
  • You feel constant pain and/or stomach discomfort
  • You feel unusually tired, or energetic, all of the time
  • You feel very agitated or restless


If you are feeling any of these things, call our crisis line right away, any day, any time.

(414) 257-7222

We can send a mobile team to you, or you can visit any of these crisis help locations below:

BHD Psychiatric Crisis Services

[24/7 Emergency Room]

9455 W Watertown Plank Rd.

Wauwatosa, WI

Open 24 hours, 365 days per year

TLS Behavioral Health Crisis Resource Center

[South Side]

2057 S 14th St.

Milwaukee, WI

Call (414) 643-8778 24 hours per day

MCFI Crisis Resource Center

[North Side]

5409 W Villard Ave.

Milwaukee, WI

Call (414) 539-4024 24 hours per day

I Am Seeking Help for Myself

For Adults

Adults age 24 and up needing help with non-crisis behavioral health or substance abuse treatment, learn more about what we have to offer for Adult Services here, or

Call (414) 257-8085

For Children

Behavioral health and addiction know no boundaries, including those we erect separating adults and children. If you are age 23 or younger, or the parent/guardian of a minor, experiencing behavioral health problems or addition to alcohol or other drugs, BHD can help.

Click here to learn more about our Children's Services, or with a single call, we can start the process of connecting you or your child to recovery.

Call (414) 257-7607

Refer Someone to BHD

If you are a practitioner, community service provider, or just a loved one of someone in need of behavioral health or substance abuse help, here's how to reach us:

For Adults

If you have a person aged 18 or older in need of behavioral health or substance abuse help provided by the Milwaukee County DHHS Behavioral Health Division, you have two options:

  1. Call BHD's Community Access to Recovery Services (CARS) program at (414) 257-8085
  2. Fill out this referral form and fax it to (414) 454-4242

For Children

All children's services at the Milwaukee County DHHS Behavioral Health Division are centered on our Wraparound Milwaukee program. Referrals to Wraparound Milwaukee are simple, and only have a single point of contact.  

All you have to do is call (414) 257-7607 and we can get the process started.

BHD News

Milwaukee County Announces $4 Million Grant to Support Young Adults Experiencing Mental Health Diagnoses

Wraparound Milwaukee Children's Services

Press Release

The Milwaukee County DHHS Behavioral Health Division’s Wraparound Milwaukee program was awarded a nearly $4 million grant by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services‘ Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) this week...

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'Affects Far Too Many Families:' Walk of Rememberance Held in Milwaukee on 'World Suicide Prevention Day'

Candlelight vigil for suicide prevention

by: Katie DeLong - Fox6 News

A “Walk of Remembrance” was held Tuesday evening, Sept. 10 at Milwaukee’s Veterans Park in recognition of “World Suicide Prevention Day.”...

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Bubbler Talk: Remnants of the Cold War, Some Milwaukee Fallout Shelters Remain

Fallout shelter sign on a brick wall

by: Chuck Quirmbach - WUWM

Cold War fallout shelters are still around the Milwaukee area. You can still find some if you look for the signs, but many have fallen out of use...

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Milwaukee County Wants to Retool How It Treats People Suffering an Acute Mental Health Crisis. There Isn't a Consensus.

BHD Medical Director stands in front of ER entrance

by: John Schmid - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

For nearly half a century, Milwaukee County has operated one of the nation's few dedicated psychiatric crisis emergency centers...

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West Allis Approves $33M Behavioral Health Hospital

Exterior shot of Charles W. Landis Mental Health Complex


by: Rich Kirchen - Milwaukee Business Journal

City of West Allis officials approved a privately run $33 million hospital that will contract with Milwaukee County for patients with acute mental health conditions...

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West Allis Behavioral Health Hospital Nets City Approval

Exterior shot of Charles W. Landis Mental Health Complex

by: Lauren Anderson - BizTimes Milwaukee

The West Allis Common Council approved this week Pennsylvania-based Universal Health Services’ plans to build a $33 million behavioral health hospital in West Allis...

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Universal Health Services Plans $33 Million Hospital in West Allis

Rendering of new hospital

by: Lauren Anderson - BizTimes Milwaukee

Universal Health Services, a Pennsylvania-based private behavioral health hospital operator, plans to build a $33 million hospital in West Allis...

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Universal Health Services Plans $33 Million Mental Health Hospital in West Allis

People participating in a group support session.

by: Rich Kirchen - Milwaukee Business Journal

A major new competitor will enter metropolitan Milwaukee’s mental health and addiction-treatment market through a proposed $33 million hospital in West Allis that includes a contract with Milwaukee County for patients with acute mental health conditions...

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What's going on at BHD?

Psychiatric Crisis Redesign Steering Committee

Psychiatric Crisis Redesign is a public/private effort involving Milwaukee County’s Behavioral Health Division, members of the Milwaukee Health Care Partnership, and others, to work together to redesign the psychiatric crisis delivery system for Milwaukee County residents. The Steering Committee advises the redesign of the public/private delivery system by providing high level direction, support, and oversight, as well as enhancing collection of input from and communication with key sponsors and stakeholders.


Next Meeting: Monday, February 24, 2020 at 3:30 PM - at BHD (9455 W. Watertown Plank Rd.) Conference Room 1045


Past Meeting Materials:

January 27, 2020 at 3:30 PM – at BHD (9455 W. Watertown Plank Rd.) Conference Room 1045


BHD Access Centers Update

Phase 3 Working Group Charter

December 2, 2019 at 3:00 PM – at Ascension Outpatient Center, 201 North Mayfair Road Conference Room C


Executive Summary

2020 Behavioral Health Division Hospital Fees 

Open AllClose All
  2020 Milwaukee County DHHS Behavioral Health Division Hospital Fees
Service Description  Charge 
Adult Inpatient Per Diem  $1,958
Child Inpatient Per Diem  $2,234
Interactive Complexity  $165
Psychiatric Diagnostic Interview  $231
Psychiatric Diagnostic Interview w/medical service  $327
Inpatient Psychotherapy - 30 min  $115
Inpatient Psychotherapy - 45 min  $156
Family Psychotherapy (without patient)  $157
Family Psychotherapy (with patient)  $171
Group Psychotherapy  $67
Psychiatric Interpretation (with patient)  $145
Psychological Testing  $211
Psychological Testing by Technician  $211
Psychological Testing by Computer  $136
Assessment of Aphasia  $330
Developmental Test Limited  $39
Developmental Test Extended  $349
Neurobehavioral Status Exam  $259
Neuropsychological Status Exam  $286
Neuropsychological Testing  $249
Neuropsychological Testing by Computer  $197
Initial Hospital Care (level 1)  $246
Initial Hospital Care (level 2)  $313
Initial Hospital Care (level 3)  $459
Subsequent Hospital Care (level 1)  $100
Subsequent Hospital Care (level 2)  $168
Subsequent Hospital Care (level 3)  $249
Hospital Discharge Services 0-30 min  $178
Hospital Discharge Services 30+ min  $267
Prolonged Service, First Hour  $223
Prolonged Service, Each Add'l 30 Min  $220
Smoking and Tobacco Cessation 3+ min  $32
Smoking and Tobacco Cessation 10+ min  $58

Contact DHHS Behavioral Health Division

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(414) 257-6995

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(414) 257-6984

(414) 257-8167 (fax)

Human Resources

(414) 257-7434


(414) 257-5202

Mike Lappen, MS, LPC

Behavioral Health Division Administrator


Contact for Media Inquiries


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