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Who We Are

The Milwaukee County Office of Performance, Strategy and Budget (PSB) is the budget office for Milwaukee County.

We are located within the Department of Administrative Services and are responsible for managing and overseeing all countywide budgeting, capital planning and accounting activities and oversees the preparation of the County Executive's Annual Budget.

PSB provides staff resources to the County Executive and the County Board on budget, fiscal and management matters as well as assisting and overseeing departments, boards and commissions in managing and controlling budget and fiscal plans, as required by Wisconsin State Statute 59.60. 

We strive to provide quality, accurate assistance to departments and constitutional offices in a courteous and professional manner.

How the Budget Works

Milwaukee County’s Budget represents the county’s business plan for the coming year. The current budget narrative links county services to important strategic outcomes, which were developed through a comprehensive strategic planning process, and shows taxpayers and stakeholders how county services link to these broad building blocks of our community. 

The Budget Process

State Statute 59.60 governs the annual budget process for Milwaukee County. Each department is required to submit requested operating and capital (as part of a five-year capital plan) budgets to the Director of Administrative Services in June. On or before August 15, the Department of Administrative Services (DAS) is required to submit a summary of the requests to the County Executive and County Board. The County Executive is required to hold public hearings on the requests. DAS is required to analyze the operating and capital requests and assist the County Executive in making “changes in the proposed budget that in the executive's or administrator's discretion are considered desirable or proper” (§59.60 (6) (a)).

The resulting County Executive’s budget is then presented to the County Board on or before October 1. The Board then considers and may adopt amendments to the County Executive’s Budget, and must hold a public hearing on the budget no later than the first Monday in November. After adopting amendments and holding the public hearing, the Committee submits the amended budget to the County Board, which adopts the final budget in mid-November. After the budget has been adopted and a detailed summary of appropriations is provided to county departments, DAS-PSB and the Comptroller’s Office monitor the budget during the fiscal year. This monitoring involves periodic checks of expenditures against appropriations, reviewing actual revenue compared to budgeted revenue and reviewing requests for transfer of appropriations. This completes the budget process.


Budget Archive

2019 Budget

  • County Board Reports
  • 2019 Budget Input
  • Requested Budget
  • Recommended Budget
  • Adopted Budget

2019 Budget - County Board Reports

Budget Gap Presentation

Explanation of the 2019 projected budget gap of $23 million.

Budget Gap Report

This report provides a preliminary operating budget gap estimate for 2019. A timeline for the 2019 budget process is also provided.

Capital Budget Process and Funding

This report provides a preliminary 2019 capital budget financing estimate as well as a general outline of the upcoming capital budget process.

Gap Update and Funding Options

This presentation provides an update of the budget gap estimate, department tax levy reductions needed under "Divest" budget option, and analysis of local revenues and available options.

2019 Budget Update-September 7, 2018

This presentation provides an update on the 2019 budget development as of September 7, 2018

2019 Budget Input


Meeting Materials:

PowerPoint Presentation
Poster Exhibits


Meeting Information:

Tues., Sept. 4
Capitol Library
3969 N. 74th St., Milwaukee, WI 53216
Comments Received 9/4/2018

Thurs., Sept. 6
Washington Park Urban Ecology Center
1859 N. 40th St., Milwaukee, WI 53208
Comments Received 9/6/2018

Mon., Sept. 10
Oak Creek Civic Center – Multipurpose Room
8040 S. 6th St., Oak Creek, WI 53154
Comments Received 9/10/2018

Tues., Sept. 11 
Kosciusko Community Center
2201 S. 7th St., Milwaukee, WI 53215
Comments Received 9/11/2018​​​​​​​

Thurs., Sept. 13
West Allis City Hall
7525 W. Greenfield Ave., West Allis, WI 53214

2019 Requested Budget

2019 Requested Budget Summary

Legislative and Executive Function
1000 - County Board
1011 - County Executive - General Office
1020 - County Executive - Office of Government Affairs
1021 - County Executive - Veteran's Services

General Government Function
3090 - Office of the County Treasurer
3270 - Office of the County Clerk & Election Commission
3400 - Office of the Register of Deeds
3700 - Office of the Comptroller

Administrative Function
1090 - Office on African American Affairs
1120 - Personnel Review Board, Civil Service Commission & Ethics Board
1130 - Corporation Counsel
1140 - Department of Human Resources
1151 - Department of Administrative Services

Courts and Judiciary Function
2000 - Combined Court Related Operations
2430 - Department of Child Support Services
2900 - Courts - Pretrial Services

Public Safety Function
4000 - Office of the Sheriff
4300 - House of Correction
4500 - District Attorney
4800 - Office of Emergency Management
4900 - Medical Examiner

Transportation Function
5040 - Department of Transportation - Airport
5083 - Department of Transportation - Transportation Services
5100 - Department of Transportation - Highway Maintenance
5300 - Department of Transportation - Fleet Management
5600 - Milwaukee County Transit/Paratransit System
5800 - Department of Transportation - Director's Office

Health and Human Services Function
6300 - Department of Health and Human Services - Behavioral Health Division
7900 - Department on Aging
8000 - Department of Health and Human Services

Recreation and Culture Function
9000 - Department of Parks, Recreation, and Culture
9500 - Zoological Department
9910 - University Extension Office

Non-Departmental Expenditures
1900 - Cultural Contributions
9960 - General County Debt Service

2019 Recommended Budget

According to Wisconsin State Statute §59.60(6)(b): On or before October 1, the County Executive's Recommended Budget will be presented to the County Board. 

2019 Recommended Budget information will be posted here when it is available. 

2019 Adopted Budget

The County Board's 2019 Budget Adoption Meeting is tentatively scheduled for November 5, 2018, in room 200 of the Milwaukee County Courthouse at 9:30 a.m. More information is available on the County Legislative Information Center

2019 Adopted Budget information will be posted here when it is available. 

2018 Budget

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2018 Adopted Budget

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2018 Recommended Budget

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