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David Cullen

Financial Services to Support County Government for the Benefit of Its Citizens

Office Is Open to the Public

What We Do

The Treasurer acts as the County's banker, receiving and disbursing all funds as provided by state law and county ordinances; providing for daily cash requirements of Milwaukee County, and investing public funds not used for daily operations. The Treasurer's Office also collects delinquent property or real estate taxes in 18 of the County's 19 suburban municipalities as required by State Statutes. The County Treasurer also maintains property tax data.

Unclaimed Funds

Unclaimed funds are funds held by the Treasurer's Office for an owner or recipient who is entitled to the money, but who has failed to claim ownership of it. Unclaimed funds may arise out of a variety of circumstances. For example, delivery of a payment may not be possible because of incorrect or incomplete address information for the recipient. Milwaukee County, as custodians of these funds, has established policies and procedures for holding, safeguarding and accounting for these funds. Some examples of such funds include:

  • Program/Services Payments
  • Jury Duty Checks
  • Bail Money
  • Overpayment

Review List of Unclaimed Funds

2023 | 20212019 | 2017 | 2015

How to Claim Unclaimed Funds

  1. Complete the official claim form for each unclaimed funds amount
  2. Have the claim form notarized
  3. Submit your claim form in person at the Treasurer's office. You must provide a photo I.D.

You can also apply by mail. Submit the original, notarized claim form and copy of identification to:

Milwaukee County Treasurer's Office
901 N. 9th St., Room 102
Milwaukee, WI 53233-1462

Verification and processing of claims takes four to eight weeks. The Treasurer's office will contact the claimants to inform them when their claim is completed. Checks will be mailed to the address provided by the claimant in the unclaimed funds request form. Review instructions here.

Complete Claim Form


The State of Wisconsin has a separate unclaimed funds program. Learn more.

Tax Credit for Veterans

Property tax credit is available to eligible disabled veterans and surviving spouses. The credit is equal to the property taxes paid on eligible veteran's or surviving spouse's principal dwelling in Wisconsin.

The program has been in effect since tax year 2005. Through tax year 2008, the veteran had to have been a resident of Wisconsin at the time he/she entered active duty, have a 100% schedular rated service-connected disability, and be 65 years of age or older. Surviving spouses of veterans who met the foregoing criteria also qualified.

However, beginning with tax year 2009, the age restriction has been removed. Veterans need now only be residents of Wisconsin for five continous years, and their 100% service-connected disability rating can now be obtained through individual unemployability. Surviving spouses of eligible veterans also qualify.

Learn More

Veterans Tax Credit Request Form

Wisconsin Lottery and Gaming Credit

To qualify for the lottery and gaming credit, you must be a Wisconsin resident, the owner of the dwelling, and use the dwelling as your primary residence as of the certification date (January 1 of the year in which the property taxes are levied). A property owner may claim only one primary residence.

Application forms related to the Lottery and Gaming Credit Program must be sent to your municipality, not to the Milwaukee County Treasurer.

Lottery and Gaming Credit Forms

Municipality Property Tax

Village of Bayside
9075 N. Regent Road, Bayside, WI 53217
Phone: (414) 351-8811 Fax: (414) 351-8819

Village of Brown Deer
4800 W. Green Brook Drive, Brown Deer, WI 53223
Phone: (414) 371-3001 Fax: (414) 371-3045

City of Cudahy 
P.O. Box 380, Cudahy, WI 53110-0380
Phone: (414) 769-2204 Fax: (414) 769-2257

Village of Fox Point 
7200 N. Santa Monica Blvd, Fox Point, WI 53217
Phone: (414) 351-8900 Fax: (414) 351-8909

City of Franklin
9229 W. Loomis Road, Franklin, WI 53132
Phone: (414) 425-4770 Fax: (414) 425-6428

City of Glendale
5909 N. Milwaukee River Parkway, Glendale, WI 53209
Phone: (414) 228-1701 Fax: (414) 228-1724

Village of Greendale
6500 Northway, Greendale, WI 53129
Phone: (414) 423-2100 Fax: (414) 423-2106

City of Greenfield
7325 W. Forest Home, Greenfield, WI 53220
Phone: (414) 329-5259 Fax: (414) 543-8579

Village of Hales Corners
5635 S. New Berlin Road, Hales Corners, WI 53130
Phone: (414) 529-6161 Fax: (414) 529-6179


City of Milwaukee
200 E. Wells Street, Room 103, Milwaukee, WI 53202
Phone: (414) 286-2240 Fax: (414) 286-3186 Assessor: (414) 286-3651

City of Oak Creek
8040 S. 6th Street, Oak Creek, WI 53154
Phone: (414) 766-7000 Fax: (414) 768-9587

Village of River Hills
7650 N. Pheasant Lane, Rivers Hills, WI 53217
Phone: (414) 352-8213 Fax: (414) 247-2308

City of St. Francis
3400 E. Howard Avenue, St Francis, WI 53235
Phone: (414) 481-2300 Fax: (414) 481-6483

Village of Shorewood
3930 N. Murray Avenue, Shorewood, WI 53211
Phone: (414) 847-2601 Fax: (414) 847-2606

City of South Milwaukee
2424 15th Avenue, South Milwaukee, WI 53172
Phone: (414) 768-8048 Fax: (414) 762-3272

City of Wauwatosa
7725 W. North Avenue, Wauwatosa, WI 53213
Phone: (414) 479-8960 Fax: (414) 471-8414

City of West Allis
7525 W. Greenfield, West Allis, WI 53214
Phone: (414) 302-8220 Fax: (414) 302-8321

Village of West Milwaukee
4755 W. Beloit Road, West Milwaukee, WI 53214
Phone: (414) 645-1530 Fax: (414) 671-8089

Village of Whitefish Bay
5300 N. Marlborough Drive, Whitefish Bay, WI 53217
Phone: (414) 962-6690 Fax: (414) 962-5651


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Treasurer News

Treasurers Office Will Open to the Public June 1


County Treasurer David Cullen announced that the Treasurer's Office will once again be open to the public beginning Tuesday, June 1.


Treasurer Diliberti Honored by County Executive Abele


Milwaukee County Treasurer Dan Diliberti received a proclamation from County Executive Chris Abele in honor of his retirement, at a Fundraiser/ farewell event in the Treasurer’s Office on Tuesday, April 29, 2014.


Treasurer Looking for Owners of Unclaimed Funds


Milwaukee County Treasurer David Cullen is asking for the assistance of Milwaukee County residents to help locate the owners of over $1.8 million in unclaimed funds.


Treasurer Diliberti Announces Retirement


Milwaukee County Treasurer Dan Diliberti announced his retirement from his position as Treasurer, effective May 12, 2014.


Cullen Improves County's Collection of Delinquent Property Taxes


Milwaukee County Treasurer David Cullen announced that he has entered into a contract with Credit Management Control, Inc., to enhance Milwaukee County's collection of delinquent property taxes.



901 N. 9th St., Room 102
Milwaukee, WI 53233

(414) 278-4033


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