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Foreclosed Property Sales


Delinquent Property Tax Sales

Wisconsin State Law provides for the transferring title to land when taxes are delinquent. The delinquency must be more than one year in Milwaukee County. Milwaukee County uses the "in rem" foreclosure process. Milwaukee County does not sell foreclosed properties for back taxes. All foreclosed property is sold for fair market value, the way any other piece of property is sold.

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Sheriff Foreclosure Sales

The Milwaukee County Sheriff has real estate auctions every Monday morning on properties that are lender foreclosures due to non-payment of the mortgage. Additional information is available by calling (414) 278-3073 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. If you are interested in a property included in one of the Sheriff's auctions, be sure to check for delinquent taxes. Most of the Sheriff sale properties are located in the City of Milwaukee.

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The City of Milwaukee Treasurer collects current and delinquent taxes for all properties in the City of Milwaukee. See City of Milwaukee Delinquent Real Estate Tax Accounts.


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