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AMOP Information

The AMOP contains procedures and policies that guide the operation of Milwaukee County government, in compliance with federal, state and local law. It is a resource for staff, our citizens and those who work with county government.

Understand the AMOP

Review the AMOP overview for information on:

  • The purpose of the AMOP
  • What should be an AMOP
  • How to submit one

AMOP Overview

Contact the AMOP Committee with questions and to submit an AMOP or request guidance.

Submit Procedures

Procedures are created by departments and then approved and published by the AMOP Committee. Departments must submit their draft procedure to the AMOP Committee via email at least one month prior to a committee date.

 AMOP Committee Dates  AMOP Submission Deadline

 December 10th

 November 12th

Find Common Terms

The Milwaukee County Terms In Use Guide contains a list of terms unique to the County that employees and the public may find valuable.

Terms In Use Guide

Employees may submit definitions or edits by contacting the AMOP Committee.

AMOP Manual


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Chapter 1: Modifying the AMOP

To outline the process and requirements for creating a new procedure and modifying an existing procedure. You can find samples and templates in this chapter.

Chapter 2: Human Resources

- Diversity Inclusion Procedure
- Corrective Action
- Discharge of Classified Employee
- Equal Employment Opportunity Procedure
- Milwaukee County Substance Abuse Procedure
- Mandatory Training
- Family Medical Leave Request

Chapter 3: Budget and Financial Transactions

- Capital Budget
- Operating Budget

Chapter 5: Risk Management

- Milwaukee County Vehicle Operation
- VARC Administrative Procedure
- Safety and Health Program
- Accident and Claims Reporting Procedure
- Transitional Duty Procedure
- Use of Volunteers Procedure

Chapter 6: Information Management

- Mass E-mail Communication Procedure
- Managed Print Services Procedure

Chapter 7: Financial & Management Accounting

- Travel Advance Guidelines and Preparation
- Travel Preparation and Expense Reporting
- Travel Expense for Use with Travel Cards
- Travel Restrictions

Chapter 8: Emergency Management

- Business Continuity
- Continuity of Operations
- Emergency Action Plan
- OEM Radio Repair

Chapter 9: Accessibility

- Effective Communication Procedure
- Service Animals Procedure
- Wheelchairs, Mobility Aids, and Other Power-Driven Mobility Devices Procedure
- ADA Grievance Procedure

Chapter 10: Land Sales

- Land Disposition Procedure

Chapter 13: Parks, Recreation & Culture

- Parks Community Project Request Process

Chapter 14: Facilities

- County Facilities Planning Steering Committee Project Initiation and Review


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