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Opioid Settlement


On Dec. 15, 2021, the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors approved Resolution 21-1127, which authorized the Milwaukee County Office of Corporation Counsel (OCC) to enter into the Settlement Agreement. Wisconsin will receive $420 million, which will be divided between 87 local governments. Milwaukee County’s portion of those funds total approximately $71 million. After attorney fees, Milwaukee County will receive approximately $56.6 million, which will be paid out in approximately $3 million annually.

Project Summaries

Each proposal was required to describe how the project is evidence-based, evidence-informed or community validated. Proposals were also required to describe how the project would be effective in addressing the opioid crisis. 

Aging & Disabilities Services Opioid Prevention Project (DHHS)

The proposed project addresses and further identifies the unique needs of older adults at risk related to preventing and responding to opioid misuse, including trainings and outreach to stakeholders to promote prevention and assessment.

Coordination of Opioid Prevention Services Project (DHHS)

This project focuses on regranting opioid prevention and response funds to community-based organizations and increasing prevention capacity and coordination through a prevention manager role. This builds on DHHS’ track record of participatory and collaborative regranting processes. 

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Harm Reduction Kits (Office of Emergency Management)

The purpose of this project is to get Harm Reduction Kits in the hands of emergency responders for better application of counter-opioid tactics. Kits will have items like personal protective equipment, fentanyl test strips, and naloxone medication.

Harm Reduction Supplies (DHHS)

This project will increase access to harm reduction supplies using evidence-based harm reduction strategies, with outreach methods incorporating both a webpage and strategically located vending machines.

Homeless Outreach Project (DHHS)

Two treatment and resource navigators aim to expand Milwaukee County Housing Services' Homeless Outreach Team to provide additional services to those experiencing unsheltered homelessness and dealing with substance use disorders.

Staffing Needs (Medical Examiner)

All of the areas associated with death investigations are processes that are done by individuals. The additional positions will allow the office to perform these death investigations and provide the data associated with them to partners in a timely fashion.

Medication Assisted Treatment – Behind the Walls (DHHS)

This project will continue the successful program which reduces risk of overdose deaths for incarcerated individuals by offering the evidence-based practice of Medication-Assisted Treatment, which is known to be a best practice for individuals who are living with an opioid use disorder.

Patrol Division Narcan Deployment and Education (Sheriff's Office)

This project will provide line staff with training on the use of Narcan. It will also provide each Deputy Sheriff assigned to the Patrol Division nasal Narcan to carry during their tours of duty.

EMS Opioid Educator (Office of Emergency Management)

This project establishes an opioid-specific first responder and public education program to increase the level of training to those called to respond to overdose cases. The project will also increase the general knowledge of the public and families affected by opioid use, raising understanding to a level similar to the awareness of CPR.

Opioid Treatment in the Prehospital Environment (EMS-MAT) (OEM) 

With the recently-approved pilot use of Buprenorphine in certain programs, this project aims to establish a trial buprenorphine program to begin field inductions of this opioid antagonist to reduce the number of secondary overdoses, and to buy time for the patient to seek medical and substance abuse treatment.

Residential Substance Abuse Treatment Capacity (DHHS)

This project will offer start-up funding to support agencies who can develop new residential substance abuse treatment facilities, aiming to reduce the wait list of individuals in need of treatment for opioid use disorder.

Substance Use Education and Treatment for Justice Involved Youth (DHHS)

This project will provide evidence-based and evidence-informed opiate abuse prevention and intervention services for youth in detention and those returning to the community following detention.

Harm Reduction Data Analytics (OEM)

Develop and maintain an overdose surveillance dashboard that provides a deeper level of detail and visibility to EMS calls for suspected overdoses than is currently available in public facing dashboards.

Portable Body Cooler (Medical Examiner)

The replacement of the portable body cooler will provide an increased capacity for respectful body storage in a unit that is not operated by diesel fuel.

Autopsy Carts (Medical Examiner) 

Five autopsy carts will be purchased, which are necessary for investigations.


DHHS Regranting of Funds through Coordination of Opioid Prevention Services Project

February 2023: Community Conversations

March/April 2023: Synthesize, Analyze and Review Conversation Data 

April 2023: Release RFP and Applicant Information Session 

May/June 2023: Scoring Committee and Selection Announcement


Milwaukee County Officials Hope Opioid Settlement Funds Will Help End Record High Overdose Deaths 

The Milwaukee County Courthouse looking west

by: Evan Casey (Wisconsin Public Radio) 

City of Milwaukee received first $600K from the opioid lawsuit settlement.

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Six Ways County Will Spend Opioid Settlement Funds 

The Milwaukee County Courthouse looking west

by: Graham Kilmer (Urban Milwaukee)

Opioid treatment programs a priority for spending $56 million won from drug companies.

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Milwaukee County Considers Use of Opioid Settlement Funds 

The Milwaukee County Courthouse looking west

by: Edgar Mendez (Neighborhood News Service)

This could mark the fourth consecutive year of record-high drug overdose deaths in Milwaukee County, which expects to receive $70 million from opioid litigation.

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