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Long Term Care

Planning Ahead for Your Long Term Needs



Long Term Care

Long Term Care is ongoing assistance with basic activities of daily life such as: eating, bathing, dressing, or getting in and out of bed. As individuals age, they often reach a point when they will need assistance with their long term care.

Planning Ahead for Long Term Care

It is always best to plan ahead for your Long Term Care. This helps both you and your family to be prepared when the time comes that you need this assistance. Here are two planning guides that can help you think about your personal choices and options for your future needs.

Next Steps: My Planning Guide

My Way Booklet

Currently in Need of Long Term Care

If you are financially and functionally eligible, there may be publicly funded programs available to help with your Long Term Care. Long Term Care programs may include services such as: care management, home health care, personal care, supportive home care, nursing home care, adult day care, home delivered meals, home modifications, transportation and hospice.

Tell Me More About Enrolling in Publicly Funded Long-Term Care Programs

One tool you can use to learn if you may be eligible for this or other benefits is the website.

Process for Enrolling in Long Term Care Waiver Program




Call to Learn More

Allow Time

This entire process may take up to two months so be sure that you leave yourself enough time.

Publicly Funded Long Term Care Options

If you qualify for Long Term Care, there are a variety of options. The ADRC cannot endorse or recommend any organization, product or service.  There are four programs available:  Family Care, Partnership, PACE, and IRIS.  Each program is offered by multiple agencies.

Click on the following links to learn more. For additional details, see the state's Long-Term Care and Support webpage.



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