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Veteran Services 

Assisting Veterans and Their Families With Benefits

Our office assists Milwaukee County veterans and their families to apply for a variety of benefits. Our staff is here to help veterans and dependents navigate Federal and State benefits, including VA disablity claims, education, grants, loans, healthcare, burial, and survivors benefits. 

There are 72 county and 11 tribal veteran service offices in Wisconsin;

If you reside outside of Milwaukee County you may find your local office online here: Locate Your CVSO.


What We Do at Our Office

  • Military Service Record Requests (DD Form 214/Report of Separation)

  • Awards and Decorations Requests

  • Reserve/National Guard Retirement Applications

  • Survivor Benefit Plan Applications

  • Discharge Correction/Upgrade Applications

  • Vital Record Requests

  • Accessing Other Milwaukee County Services 

  • Connecting Veterans to Local Veteran Organizations


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Purple Heart Pass

A unique program, originated in 2013 by Milwaukee County, to recognize Wisconsin Purple Heart award recipients for their service and sacrifice.  The pass provides access to participating venues across the counties in Wisconsin.  The pass is free and easy to apply for.  Learn more about the Purple Heart Pass HERE.

We Are Here to Help You Understand and/or Apply for Your Veteran Benefits

Feel open to reach out to our office if you need assistance applying or you want to learn more about certain benefits.

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Wisconsin Department of Veteran Affairs - State VA Benefits (WDVA)

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  Veteran Identifier

To be eligible for the Veteran Identifier on your Wisconsin driver's license or ID card, you must meet certain requirements related to your term and characterization of military service.

  Property Tax Credit

This program provides a tax credit for property taxes paid on the primary, in-state residence when filing a state income tax form for:

  • Eligible veterans who entered military service from Wisconsin or have lived in Wisconsin for five consecutive years and have a VA service-connected disability rating of 100% (schedular or individual unemployability)
  • The unremarried surviving spouse of an eligible veteran or an unremarried surviving spouse of a veteran who entered active duty as a Wisconsin resident, died in the line of duty, and was a Wisconsin resident at the time of death or is a unremarried surviving spouse who is receiving dependency and indemnity compensation (DIC)
  Education: WI GI Bill, Wisconsin Veterans Grant for Private Nonprofit Schools, VetEd Reimbursement Grant

The Wisconsin G.I. Bill 

Provides a waiver (remission) of tuition and fees for qualified veterans, as well as certain spouses and dependents(17-26) of qualified veterans.

Covers up to 8 full-time semesters or 128 credits.

Covers studies at any University of Wisconsin System or Wisconsin Technical College System institutions.


Wisconsin Veterans Grant for Private Nonprofit Schools

Provides a grant for tuition for qualified veterans, as well as certain spouses and dependents(17-26) of qualified veterans.

Covers up to 8 full-time semesters or 128 credits.

Covers studies at select private nonprofit educational institutions.

For additional information and a list to the select insitutions: WAICU.

VetEd Reimbursement Grant

​The Veterans Education (VetEd) grant program provides a reimbursement grant based on a credit-bank system that is based on length of active duty military service to eligible veterans who have not yet been awarded a bachelor’s degree for the reimbursement of tuition and fees following successful course completion at an eligible approved private institution of higher learning.


Health Care Aid Grant (Dental, Vision, and Hearing)

The Veterans Service Office assists needy veterans in applying for healthcare aid grants. Approved grants may be used for a veteran's dental, eye, or hearing care.

Dental care – aid for dental procedures cannot exceed $800 in any 12-month period. Extended dental care assistance may not exceed $4,000 in any successive 24-month period.

Vision care – requires a professional vision care provider's vision exam and a prescription for lenses and frames. In any 12-month period, the cost of vision care cannot exceed $400.00. Only when the VA Medical Center is not able to provivde these services.

Hearing care – indicates any hearing-related care offered by a licensed audiologist, such as hearing exams or hearing aids. Hearing care cannot cost more than $200 in any 12-month period. Each hearing aid may not cost more than $1,875 in any 24-month period. Only when the VA Medical Center is not able to provivde these services.

Grant awards for Health Care Aid and Subsistence Aid combined cannot exceed the grant program lifetime limit of $7,500. Payment for services is sent directly to the provider upon completion of the description of benefits (DOB).

Subsistence Aid Grant

Financial aid when the veteran suffers a loss of income to illness, injury or natural disaster in the last 12 months. Applications for Subsistence Aid must be submitted to the department no later than 12 months following the verified loss of income. Grants are awarded for subsistence aid for any 30-day period, up to a maximum of three months (90 days). Grant awards cannot exceed $3,000 during any consecutive 12-month period, or the Health Care Aid and Subsistence Aid grant program's $7,500 lifetime limit.

Aid to Military Families 

See website in the event of line of duty deaths or activated / deployed military service members.

Veterans Retraining Grant

Recently unemployed or underemployed veterans may receive up to $5,000 per year, for a maximum of two years, if they have a financial need while being retrained for employment. The amount of the grant is determined by the applicant's financial need as calculated by the WDVA. 

  Burial Benefits

Burial plots for veterans, their spouse and dependent children are available at any of the three veteran cemeteries located in Union Grove, King, and Spooner. 

The Military Funeral Honors Program (MFHP) in Wisconsin provides a final tribute to the men and women who served our state and nation honorably as members of the U.S. armed forces. The mission of this program is: To provide and coordinate the appropriate final tribute to eligible Wisconsin veterans acknowledging their faithful and honorable service to the State of Wisconsin and our Nation.

  Veterans Homes

24-hour skilled nursing care provided to veterans and thier spouses at veteran homes located in Chippewa Falls, King and Union Grove. 

  Veteran Owned Business Certification

The Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs recognizes the important role that veteran-owned and disabled veteran-owned businesses play in the Wisconsin economy. In order to help such businesses identify and promote themselves, the WDVA makes available a logo for certified veteran-owned businesses operating in Wisconsin. 

  Disabled Veteran Free State Park/Forest/Trail Pass

Certain Wisconsin resident disabled veterans and former prisoners of war are eligible to receive waivers of vehicle admission and trail pass fees.

U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs - Federal VA Benefits

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A medical benefits package for eligible veterans. With VA health care, you’re covered for regular checkups with your primary care provider and appointments with specialists (like cardiologists, gynecologists, and mental health providers). You can access Veterans health care services like home health and geriatric (elder) care, and you can get medical equipment, prosthetics, and prescriptions.


A health benefits package for eligible beneficiaries of qualified veterans. If you don’t qualify for TRICARE (the Department of Defense’s health care program for active-duty and retired service members and their families), you may be able to get health insurance through the Civilian Health and Medical Program of the Department of Veterans Affairs (CHAMPVA). Through this program, we cover the cost of some of your health care services and supplies. 

  Disability Compensation

VA disability compensation (pay) offers a monthly tax-free payment to Veterans who got sick or injured while serving in the military and to Veterans whose service made an existing condition worse. You may be eligible for VA disability payments if you have a physical condition (such as a chronic disease or injury) or a mental health condition (such as PTSD) that arose before, during, or after your service.


Monthly payments to wartime veterans who meet age or disability requirements and income or net worth limitations. Surviving spouses and dependent children may also be eligible.

  Survivor Benefits

As the survivor of a Veteran or service member, you may qualify for added benefits, including help with burial costs and survivor compensation.

  Life Insurance

VA life insurance can offer financial security for Veterans, service members, their spouses, and dependent children. Explore your options, manage your policy, and file claims to get the insurance benefits you've earned. Premium paid coverage up to $40,000.

  Home Loan

VA home loans are provided by private lenders, not by VA directly. They may be used to purchase, refinace or cash-out refinance. A surviving spouse may also be eligible. 

You may be eligible for a VA-backed purchase loan if you meet all of these requirements.

All of these must be true:

  • You qualify for a VA-backed home loan Certificate of Eligibility (COE), and
  • You meet our—and your lender’s—standards for credit, income, and any other requirements, and
  • You will live in the home you’re buying with the loan

The following may be available: VA national cemetery, Military Funeral Honors, Burial Flags, Headstone/Marker/Medallion, Presidential Memorial certificate and Burial allowance. 

Veterans, service members, and some family members may be eligible for burial in a VA national cemetery.

You can apply to find out in advance if you can be buried in a VA national cemetery. This is called a pre-need determination of eligibility—and it can help make the burial planning process easier for your family members in their time of need.

  The National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands Pass

Each pass covers entrance fees at lands managed by the National Park Service and US Fish & Wildlife Service and standard amenity fees (day use fees) at lands managed by the US Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, Bureau of Reclamation, and US Army Corps of Engineers. 

US military veterans are eligible for the Military Lifetime Pass.

Veterans with a VA service-connected disablity are eligible for the Access Pass (lifetime pass), may provide a 50 percent discount on some amenity fees charged for facilities and services such as camping, swimming, boat launching, and specialized interpretive services.

Learn more and apply online (Each pass is Free, however there is an application processing fee) HERE

Milwaukee County Needy Veterans Fund

Veterans residing in Milwaukee County who are facing eviction or utility disconnection and families struggling to cover the cost of a veteran's funeral may be eligible for the Milwaukee County Needy Veterans Grant. It is a one-time-use grant for a 12-month period for each category of assistance up to the lifetime maximum. 

Rental Assistance

The Milwaukee County Needy Veterans Grant may assist with rental arrears when faced with an eviction notice.

Utility Assistance

The Milwaukee County Needy Veterans Grant may assist with utility disconnection and disconnection notices from WeEnergies.

Burial Assistance

The Milwaukee County Needy Veterans Grant may offer financial assistance with burial costs for indigent veterans.

Need Legal Assistance?

Marquette Volunteer Legal Clinic

The Marquette Volunteer Legal Clinic (MVLC) provides free, brief legal advice and referral services. The clinics are staffed by volunteer law students and attorneys. Check out the MVLC website for more information and updates. Download the in-person Marquette Volunteer Legal Clinic FLYER which details in-person clinic services, hours, and locations.

Throughout the year, the Marquette Volunteer Legal Clinic offers Estate Planning Clinics to assist with the free preparation of a simple Will, Living Will (Health care wishes), Power of Attorney for Finances and Power of Attorney for Health Care. If you would like more information about making an appointment, please contact us at 414-266-1234.

Agencies We Partner With

Employment Services

The Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development (DWD) Office of Veterans Employment Services (OVES) is available at our office once a week (typically Tuesdays). Call ahead to confirm availability. You can go online HERE to see which other Job Center locations are near you.


Telephone appointments are available with the Wisconsin Department of Health Services. To schedule, contact us!

Child Support Services

Telephone appointments are available for consultation with Milwaukee County Child Support. To schedule, contact us!

Captain John D. Mason Veteran Peer Outreach Program

The Captain John D. Mason Veteran Peer Outreach Program utilizes veteran peers to connect veterans to VA health care and community resources. Their services are available at our office, please call ahead to confirm availability of a representative.

Aging & Disability Resource Center (ADRC)

They offer information and assistance regarding community resources for older adults along with counseling on long-term care payments. They are at our office Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays with Information & Assistance Personnel and Options Counselors. Learn More HERE.

AARP Foundation Tax-Aide

Tax preparation for veterans and spouses by appointment only, Tuesdays during the tax season from Feb 6th - April 9th, 2024. To schedule contact us! 414-266-1234. 

Community Resources


  • Homeless & Housing 
  • Counseling & Support
  • Veterans' Business
  • Education & Training
  • Fun & Entertainment

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Irish Fest - Hero Hut

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Irish Fest - (No Veteran Left Behind)

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From it's convenient location at 6401 W Greenfiled Ave, West Allis, WI 53214, Milwaukee County Veteran Services assists eligible veterans and their dependents in applying for state and federal veterans benefits. On route 18 bus line, office is wheelchair accessible. Parking nearby: on Greenfield or parking lot on east side of building.

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Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Walk-ins are welcome, some consultations may require appointments!

You can contact us by phone (414) 266-1234, fax (414) 266-1233.

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