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Our girls are struggling.

Our community is responding.

Wraparound Milwaukee provides mental health support for youth.

From societal expectations and social media pressures, to school stress and bullying, the teen years can be an especially trying time for girls. Wraparound Milwaukee's Youth Mental Health Services offer a range of resources to help parents and caregivers find the help girls need,from counseling and group therapy, to in-patient crisis treatment.

Youth Mental Health Services

Call us to learn more about Wraparound Milwaukee's range of mental health supports for teen girls, such as counseling, mentoring, outpatient therapies, and more.



Youth Crisis Stabilization Facility

If your child is in crisis, call us to learn more about Lad Lake-Milwaukee, our short-term inpatient treatment center designed to help girls 17 and younger stabilize, recover, and build a plan for success.



You are not alone

Everyone struggles with their mental health from time to time. Hear stories from other local teens about what stresses them out and how they cope.


1220 W. Vliet St.

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Our Vision

Together, creating healthy communities.

Our Mission

Empowering safe, healthy, meaningful lives.

Our Values

Partnership, Respect, Integrity, 

Diversity, Excellence

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