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Wraparound Milwaukee Youth and Family Portal


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Welcome Youth and Families!

Children's Community Mental Health Services and Wraparound Milwaukee provides care and support to youth and families with a child or children who have serious emotional or mental health needs. We utilize a family-centered “Team” approach. In addition to case management services, Wraparound Milwaukee provides a broad range of youth and family support services including traditional behavioral health services, alcohol/other substance abuse counseling and non-traditional support services such as parent assistance and daily living skills.

Care Coordination

Children's Community Mental Health Services and Wraparound Milwaukee contracts with community agencies to provide care coordination services and supports for youth and families. The current care coordination agencies within the Provider Network include:

Wellpoint Care Network (previously known as: Saint A)

Wisconsin Community Services


Care Coordination
Youth and families served in all of our programs partner with a Care Coordinator to identify root causes of the challenges they face and create a system of supports by engaging their friends and family alongside professionals from the community and provider network.


Child and Family Team
Wraparound Milwaukee employs Care Coordinators who are responsible for convening Child and Family Teams from which a Plan of Care is developed for each child and their family. Care Coordinators meet the youth and family, conduct a strengths-based inventory, convene the Child & Family Team, and develop the Plan of Care based on youth/family needs, goals and formal and informal resources available or needed to support the family.


Family Needs and Safety Plan Help Identify Services
Care Coordinators utilize life domains to look at youth and family needs and create safety plans for each youth to ensure there are structured supports and supervision to ensure youth and community safety. Care Coordinators help develop the Plan of Care to guide the delivery of services and treatment. They also are responsible to help the family identify and obtain formal services through the Provider Network to meet mental health, social and other support needs. Monthly Service Authorization Requests (SARs) are entered electronically in the Electronic Record to authorize vendors in the Network to provide specific units of services to families. Plan of Care is reviewed and revised every 90 days.


Provider Network

There are over 400 agency and individual providers that contribute to over 100 different mental health, social and supportive services. Locate providers and/or resources here:

Vendor Directory

Wraparound Milwaukee Resource Guide

CCS Provider Agency List

Children's Community Mental Health Services and Wraparound Milwaukee has a broad benefit plan of over 100 different mental health, social and supportive services. To deliver those services in the most flexible and cost effective manner, we have developed a network of community agencies and individual providers to deliver services based on a comprehensive fee-for-service approach. Children's Community Mental Health Services and Wraparound Milwaukee develops service descriptions, standards for all services, and the unit rate. 


There are currently over 400 agency and individual providers (i.e., psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists) involved in the provider network. These providers will be involved in Team Meetings, and have active roles in the Plan of Care. 

Because these are multiple service providers in the Network for almost every service, families have a great deal of choice related to who they desire to have provide service to their child and family. Oversight of the network related to Quality Assurance is provided by the Children's Community Mental Health Services and Wraparound Milwaukee program directly.


Logo for PSLFamily Advocacy

Peer Specialists Limited (PSL)

PSL has a team of dedicated Parent Peer/Peer Specialists that are an integral part of providing advocacy for families, parents, and caregivers. Parent Peer Specialists have lived experience parenting or being a caregiver for a child with mental health and/or substance use needs.Through this powerful lived experience, Parent Peer Specialists are able to engage, support, and advocate for parents/caregivers. PSL assists families and caregivers in cultivating an empowering and supportive relationships within their family and the community. PSL services include advocacy services, support groups, parent peer support, education groups, and support groups.

Please contact PSL at their webpage or (414) 885-2234.

Educational Advocacy

Special Education Advocacy Group (SEA Group)

Children's Community Mental Health and Wraparound Milwaukee initiated educational advocacy service in 2003 to help care coordinators and families advocate for the development of appropriate Individual Education Plans (IEP) and secure more public, better school placements for youth with serious emotional and mental health needs. The SEA Group assists Care Coordinators and youth/families with school issues including placements and obtaining IEPs. Download Flyer

Chris Shafer is the director of the SEA Group. She encourages you to contact her for educational advocacy and support at (414) 303-5809.

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Resource & Referral Line: (414) 257-7607
Milwaukee Mobile Crisis: (414) 257-7222
Synthesis Help Desk: (414) 257-7547
Milwaukee County Mental Health Clinic: (414) 257-7610

Wraparound Administration: (414) 257-7639
1220 W. Vliet Street, 3rd Floor Milwaukee, WI 53205

Access the Wraparound Resource Guide to find a wide range of individual providers reflecting diverse interests, experience, therapeutic knowledge, and languages spoken. 

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