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2020-2025 DHHS Strategic Plan



A Message From
DHHS Leadership 



2020-2025 DHHS Strategic Plan: Creating Healthy Communities 

We are excited to share the 2020-2025 DHHS Strategic Plan: Creating Healthy Communities! This document is a culmination of years of planning for the DHHS Future State, which began pre-pandemic in 2019. Input was sought from internal and external stakeholder groups, taking many perspectives into consideration. This plan outlines how DHHS will achieve the department’s mission: Empowering safe, healthy and meaningful lives. We will accomplish this by carrying out two unique strategies: Strategy #1 is No Wrong Door/Integrated Services & Care; Strategy #2 is Population Health & System Change. The implementation of these strategies will improve Milwaukee County’s health outcomes and will play a major role in advancing Milwaukee County’s overall vision: By achieving racial equity, Milwaukee will be the healthiest county in Wisconsin.



Focus Areas 

The following focus areas outline the department’s goals and indicators of success. These goals describe how DHHS is executing the work and progress toward the Future State. In many cases, this work has already begun to achieve success by 2025. Partnerships are critical in achieving the goals, especially those systemic in nature. Building relationships based on trust and transparent communication with partners is necessary to achieve the goals set forth. Alignment across the department is fundamental to goal attainment, ensuring that DHHS staff are motivated and committed to the work of No Wrong Door, their ideas valued, and skills maximized.

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Our Vision

Together, creating healthy communities.

Our Mission

Empowering safe, healthy, meaningful lives.

Our Values

Partnership, Respect, Integrity, 

Diversity, Excellence

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