Our Vision

By Achieving Racial Equity, Milwaukee Will Be the Healthiest County in Wisconsin

Our Vision

In Milwaukee County, we are taking an all-hands approach to realizing our vision that by achieving racial equity, Milwaukee is the healthiest county in Wisconsin. Together we will dismantle institutional racism in our organization and build up policies, practices and a culture that ensures race no longer predicts health outcomes, and outcomes for everyone improve.

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Strategic Focus Areas

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  Create Intentional Inclusion

Reflect the full diversity of the County at every level of county government.

Create and nurture an inclusive culture across the County.

Increase the number of county contracts awarded to minority- and women-owned businesses.

  Bridge the Gap

Determine what, where and how we deliver services based on the resolution of health disparities.

Break down silos across county government to maximize access to and quality of services offered.

Apply a racial equity lens to all decisions.

  Invest in Equity

Invest upstream to address root causes of health disparities.

Enhance the county’s fiscal health and sustainability.

Dismantle barriers to diverse and inclusive communities.

Why Is Racial Equity Our Focus?

Recognizing that institutional racism is a critical issue to the inequities experienced across Milwaukee County, the graphics below show some of the most significant racial disparities plaguing our community.

How Are We Working Toward Progress?

Using the Health and Equity Framework as a guide, Milwaukee County’s strategic plan focuses on addressing the root causes of racial inequities.

Addressing the root causes that are contributing to inequities in the community will make sustainable, transformational change to the way our government does business, thereby driving Milwaukee County toward the vision of being the healthiest county in Wisconsin.

See Progress in Action!

Milwaukee County is committed to achieving racial equity and driving change to become the healthiest County in Wisconsin. We believe in transparency on our progress toward this ambitious vision, which has led to the creation of the strategy dashboard.

The strategy dashboard is a performance management tool to hold us, Milwaukee County, accountable to achieving our vision. It showcases metrics that we are seeking to improve as we believe these metrics are essential to measuring the health of our county.

Strategy Dashboard


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