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Jacqueline (Jaci) Bobo

Chief Information Officer

Jacqueline Bobo

Meet CIO Jacqueline (Jaci) Bobo

Milwaukee County's interim chief information officer is helping to revise job qualifications to reflect what’s needed to do the job well. The initiative, which started when the Milwaukee County declared racism a public health crisis, removes barriers for people typically excluded in the hiring process.

“I take accountability for the IT department to create opportunities at all levels within our team for potential candidates to see their skills outlined in our job announcements,” Bobo says. “We want those candidates to see the potential for their future growth at Milwaukee County.”

Removing Barriers

Milwaukee County is home to over 945,000 people. In May 2019, the County passed an ordinance declaring racism a public health crisis, which has led to changes in how it serves residents and supports employees.

Bobo continues to support the employees in the IT department to work from home, aiding in their work life balance as well as supporting those who lack access to transportation or childcare. She also ensures remote employees have assistance acquiring the necessary equipment and Wi-Fi to do their jobs.

“We are blessed to have exceptionally skilled people in Milwaukee County,” Bobo says. “We just need to create the appropriate access and opportunities for those talents to blossom.”


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