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M051-20160: Milwaukee Public Museum - Stairwell Structural Wall Repair - Phase 2

Contract 1: Bid Package 1

Water penetration on the stairway vestibule and stairwell has caused corrosion resulting in loss of section properties of the supporting angle. Though not visible, the anchors for this area are suspect for being corroded as well. Cracks in the wall adjacent to the vestibule door are likely due to shifting of the slab above the door and poor placement of reinforcement at the door jam/header interface. The anchors supporting the mezzanine floor slab above the ground level men's toilet room are failing, likely due to a combination of inadequate embedment of anchors and minor shifting of the slab relative to the north wall. Provide a new structural support for the MacArthur Square slab above the stairway vestibule and stairwell. Replacing the existing deteriorated supporting angle as the means of primary strucural support. New waterproofing is required of the MacArthur Square slab to stop water penetration into the stairway vestibuel and stairwell. To provide a new means of support for the mezzanine floor slab above the ground level Men's Toilet Room.

Pre-bid Meeting: May 10, 2021 at 1:30 PM., at the Milwaukee Public Museum, 800 West Wells St., Milwaukee, WI 53233, Student Lunchroom - Ground level

Bids are due: May 19, 2021 at 2:00 PM.

Bids are to be completed online in Bid Express internet Bidding System at no later than 2:00 PM., May 19, 2021.





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