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Emergency? Call 911

Patrol General: (414) 454-4100

Reach a Deputy:  (414) 454-4080


Get an Accident Report


Report an Accident

Citizens involved in minor accidents do not have to wait for deputies to respond to the incident. If the vehicles involved in the accident can be moved and there are no injuries, you can do the following:

Exchange information with all parties involved in the accident. Motorist should obtain the following information:

  • Driver's license numbers
  • Vehicle license plate numbers
  • Make, model, year and color of each vehicle

Drivers should then report the accident to one of the following satellite accident reporting centers.

Patrol Substation

10320 W. Watertown Plank Rd, Wauwatosa

Milwaukee County Criminal Justice Facility Lobby  

949 N. 9th St., Milwaukee

Airport Substation

5300 S. Howell Ave. Milwaukee

Deputies are available at these locations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Motorcycle and Squad Patrol

Squad cars and motorcycles provide the necessary transportation to respond to the many calls for service throughout Milwaukee County. Motorcycles are an important aspect of patrolling the county parks, neighborhoods and providing dignitary escorts. The Sheriff's Office uses SUVs, sedans, jeeps, marked and unmarked squad cars.

Motorist Service / Enhancement Squads

The MCSO has squads dedicated to provide motorist service needs. If you have a problem with your vehicle, make every attempt to drive the vehicle out of traffic and onto the distress or median lane. Do not attempt to fix your vehicle or change tires while in the lanes of traffic. A MCSO deputy will be along to assist you as soon as they are available. The MCSO has contracted with local towing agencies to assist in moving your vehicle from the freeway system, or you may call a towing or motorist service agency of your choice.

Mitigation Squads

The MCSO, in conjunction with the Department of Transportation, provide for mitigation squads to patrol construction areas along the freeway. These squads are specifically assigned to construction areas and their responsibility is to keep traffic in the construction zones moving freely and safely.

Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety

The MCSO, under the lead of the Wisconsin State Patrol, work together to ensure overall safety conditions of commercial vehicles and their drivers. Deputies trained in commercial vehicle inspections provide educational presentations to local companies on safe motor vehicle operation and violations. Deputies conduct a minimum of 128 motor vehicle stops / inspections per year. The MCSO, in conjunction with Milwaukee Police Department and Wisconsin State Patrol, conducts a minimum of four multi-jurisdictional truck enforcements per year.

Accident InvestigationAccident Investigation

The MCSO responds to numerous accidents daily. The most common contributing factor to accidents on the freeway is high speeds. Drivers must remember that driving at freeway speeds necessitates leaving adequate distance between yourself and the vehicle in front of you. Stopping distance increases the faster you drive. Also, any type of moisture on the roadway will increase your stopping distance. Remember that Milwaukee's weather can change without warning. Allowing ample travel time will decrease your chances of being involved in an accident.

Milwaukee County Sheriff Badge


821 W. State St., Room 107
Milwaukee, WI 53233

(414) 278-4766

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