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Transitioning to Medicare

As a retiree, you will be mailed a Medicare Enrollment packet two to three months before you become eligible for Medicare. Milwaukee County offers two retiree health plan options.

Choice Plus PPO Plan

Choice Plus PPO Plan Booklet

Active employees and Pre-Medicare retirees have this coverage

Becomes secondary coverage to Medicare

Medicare Advantage PPO Plan

Medicare Advantage Plan Booklet

Works with Medicare, not considered a secondary to Medicare

Includes SilverSneakers gym membership

What is the difference between the two plans?

Medicare Plan Comparison 

To Continue Your Coverage

Up to three months before 65 years of age:

  • Sign up for Medicare Parts A and B with Social Security Administration
    • Failure to enroll in Medicare in Parts A and B will result in non-payment of claims since Milwaukee County's plans are secondary to Medicare
    • Do not sign up for Part D since the County's medical plans include a Part D

1.5 months before 65 years of age:

  • Select your medical insurance plan on the enrollment form you will receive in the mail
  • Make a copy of your Medicare card and premium letter if your Medicare Part B premiums are over the standard amount of $134
  • Send the copies of your Medicare card, premium letter if over $134 and completed enrollment form to the Total Rewards Division, 901 N. 9th St. Room 210, Milwaukee, WI 53233 by the date listed in the letter
  • Enrollment information received by Total Rewards with less than 21 days before you become Medicare eligible will result in a delay in your plan enrollment

Income-Based Medicare D Assessments

Medicare can charge an additional premium per month based on your income. If you receive a letter from the Social Security Administration referencing an “income related monthly adjustment” for your prescription drug coverage, forward a copy of that letter to the Total Rewards Division. Milwaukee County will reimburse the monthly adjustment on your pension check.

Medicare Advantage Considerations

  • Out-of-Pocket Maximums
  • Interaction With Other Coverage
  • Retirees With Pre-Medicare Dependents

If you enroll in the Medicare Advantage option mid-year, the expenses that you paid toward your claims under the Milwaukee County Choice Plus plan will not count toward fulfilling your out-of-pocket maximum under the Medicare Advantage Plan. If you are close to meeting your annual out-of-pocket maximum, you may want to consider remaining in the Choice Plus PPO plan for the remainder of the year. 

Due to Medicare regulations, you can only be enrolled in one Medicare plan at a time. Enrolling in a second Medicare Advantage Plan or Part D plan will cause Medicare to terminate coverage under your current Medicare plan. If you are eligible for coverage under a Medicare Advantage plan from another employer, or a spouse’s retirement plan, you may want to consider remaining in the Choice Plus PPO. Additionally, you will want to confirm if your other plan features an Employer Group Waiver Plan (EGWP) or Medicare D option. If so, be sure to indicate this on your enrollment form.

If you have dependents who are not Medicare-eligible, you can still participate in the Medicare Advantage option. Your dependents will remain covered under the County’s Choice Plus PPO.

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  How do I apply for Medicare?

Visit one of the Social Security Office Locations or visit the Medicare Website.

  When will I receive my new medical card?

You will receive your new medical card the last week of the month prior to your Medicare enrollment effective date. 

  Do I qualify for the Medicare Part B reimbursement?

If you satisfy the conditions shown, you may also be eligible for reimbursement of your Medicare B premiums. If you are eligible for this benefit, Milwaukee County will add a reimbursement of Medicare B premiums, including any income-related monthly adjustments to your pension check. This reimbursement would also apply to Medicare B premiums for eligible, covered spouses.

Union Group: Hired Before: Retired Before
Non-represented 1/1/1994 3/31/2011
DC48; Building Trades; Machinists; TEAMCO 1/1/1994 12/31/2011
Attorneys 1/1/2006 12/31/2011
FNHP 9/27/1995 12/31/2012
Doyne 1/1/1992 Not Applicable
Deputy Sheriffs 7/1/1995 Not Applicable
Firefighters 1/1/1994 Not Applicable


  What is an IRMMA form?

IRMAA is Income-Related Monthly Adjustment Amount. If you qualify for the Medicare Part B reimbursement and your income is high enough that you must pay an income-related monthly adjusted amount determined by the IRS, you will be reimbursed the adjusted amount. For Milwaukee County to reimburse you for your IRMAA amount, you MUST send a copy of your IRMAA letter to the Total Rewards Division upon receipt and on an annual basis. 

Failure to send in a copy will result in non-reimbursement. Milwaukee County will not reimburse past payments and only reimburse on a “going forward” basis.  

Total Rewards Contact Information


Milwaukee County Courthouse

901 North 9th Street Room 210

Milwaukee, WI 53233



Phone Number  (414) 278-4198

Fax Number   (414) 223-1379


Milwaukee County Courthouse
901 N. 9th St. Room 210
Milwaukee, WI 53233
(414) 278-4143 (Main Phone)
(877) 652-6377 (Main Toll Free)
(414) 223-1379 (Fax)

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