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The 10-member Pension Board invests the assets of the pension fund and interprets ordinances regarding the pension benefit.

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Image of current newsletter issueFrom the Director's Desk – February

Hello Milwaukee County Retirees,

Thank you for taking the time to read this edition of the Communicator! This month, I’d like to recognize all the work the RPS team has been doing on required changes and annual projects the past few months. This is a busy time of year for our office and I could not ask for a better team to tackle these with. I am happy to report that the annual 1099-R mailing was completed in January, as required, and our other annual projects are underway: we are currently working on the actuarial valuation, the annual audit, the annual report and the annual statement mailing. We’re also in the planning phase of the annual Pension Board meeting so please stay tuned and look for information on the meeting in the March Communicator.

We appreciate your patience over the last few months as we implemented new federal and state tax withholding calculations in accordance with federal and state guidelines. These changes were implemented with the January payment so please contact our team if you’d like to make any changes to your tax deductions.

As always, please do not hesitate to reach out to our team at [email protected] or (414) 278-4207 if you have any questions.

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January Communicator

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Milwaukee County Pension Board


David Robles, Chairperson
Ron Nelson, Vice Chairperson
Himanshu Parikh
Nicole Best
Kessha Hobson
Robert Worzalla
Jeremy Lucas
Anthony Johnson
Adam Abelson

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Current Meeting Minutes and Agendas

In light of the recent growth of the COVID-19 pandemic, meetings will be conducted virtually. Refer to meeting agendas for information on how to access the virtual meeting.

Board Meeting

February 15, 2023 Agenda |  February 15, 2023 Minutes

December 14, 2022 AgendaDecember 14, 2022 Minutes

November 16, 2022 AgendaNovember 16, 2022 Minutes

Investment Committee Meeting

February 7, 2023 Agenda | February 7, 2023 Minutes

November 10, 2022 Agenda | November 10, 2022 Minutes

September 13, 2022 Agenda | September 13, 2022 Minutes

Actuarial, Audit and Risk Committee Meeting

March 22, 2023 Agenda | March 22, 2023 Minutes

January 25, 2023 Agenda | January 25, 2023 Minutes

December 5, 2022 Agenda | December 5, 2022 Minutes

Governance Committee

January 18, 2023 Agenda | January 18, 2023 Minutes

October 19, 2022 Agenda | October 19, 2022 Minutes

August 31, 2022 Agenda | August 31, 2022 Minutes

Appeals and Rules Committee

March 8, 2023 Agenda | March 8, 2023 Minutes

January 11, 2023 Agenda | January 11, 2023 Minutes

November 9, 2022 Agenda | November 9, 2022 Minutes

Contact RPS for Pension Board meeting minutes and agendas from prior months.

Pension Board Committees

Investment Committee

The Investment Committee: Reviews investments, asset allocation, portfolio performance by investment managers, and investment policy. The operation of this committee is fundamental to the investment performance of the pension fund.

Trustee Ron Nelson, Chairperson

Actuarial, Audit and Risk Committee

The Actuarial Audit and Risk Committee: Oversees the internal audit activities and services, whether by outside auditors of Milwaukee County. Responsibility includes working with audit or actuarial firms as well as providing for review and recommendations to the Pension Board.

Trustee Nicole Best, Chairperson

Appeals and Rules Committee

The Appeals and Rules Committee: Provides hearings for members appealing determinations by ERS. Reviews rules and proposed changes. The committee forwards recommendations for Pension Board consideration on the matters heard by the committee.

Trustee David Robles, Chairperson

Governance Committee

The Governance Committee: Reviews board and committee charters, provides board member training, evaluation, and education, communicates with stakeholders, which includes policy makers, retirees, vested members, Retirement Plan Services, and those affected by Pension Board policy and operation. Provides Pension Board and RPS strategic planning.

VACANT, Chairperson

* In November and December of 2023, all meetings are one week earlier due to the holidays.

A full list of 2023 Pension Board meeting dates can be found here.

Retirements Processed

Congratulations to our January 2023 Retirees!
Christine Feierstein Fabian Garivay Cherryle Harris
Duwayne Jurkiewicz Scott Kraus Dennis Levy
Earnell Lucas Carla Moore Felicia Noble
Patricia Perry-Wright Evelyn Santiago Joel Streicher
Daphne Watts Harold Woosypiti  

Full View Report

Congratulations to our December 2022 Retirees!
Diana Bias Cynthia Brince Richard Coppage
Deborah Hack Sandra James Noah Jeannette
Bret Myers Brian Peterson Nilda Rivera
Cheryl Wankowski    

Full View Report

Congratulations to our November 2022 Retirees!
Myrta Alvardo Stelia Awe Thomas Beal
Thaddeus Borkowski Tony Brooks Margie Burton
Gregg Collins Albertha Davis Scott Ebert
Rachel Field Deborah Hightower Maria John-Detty
James Koelsch Tammy Kruczynski Hubert Martin
Leah Menzel Patricia Midigan Charles Mitchell
Linda Multhauf Albert Oglesby Arthur Okoro
Theresa Porter Glenda Royston Nancy Sanicola
Larry Sprung Juliet Tongco Patricia Vaska
Betty Walusayi Mary Jo Willis Brian Woller
Karen Zima    

Full View Report

Pension Payments

Upcoming Payment Processing Dates

March 31, 2023
April 28, 2023
May 31, 2023
June 30, 2023


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  When are pension payments issued?

Monthly pension payments are issued on the last business day of the month. If you have not received your monthly pension payment, please allow three to five business days for your bank to process the funds. If three to five days have passed and you have not received your monthly pension payment, contact Retirement Plan Services.

  What do I do if I do not receive my monthly pension payment?

If you have not received your monthly pension payment, please allow three to five business days for your bank to process the funds. If three to five days have passed and you have not received your monthly pension payment, contact Retirement Plan Services.

If you have switched banks and have not updated your direct deposit information, contact Retirement Plan Services to have the account information updated and the payment reissued.

  How do I update my direct deposit information?

Complete and submit a Direct Deposit Form to update your direct deposit information. You may print the form from our website, or contact Retirement Plan Services to receive a copy of the form. All updates to direct deposit information must be submitted in writing. We cannot update account information over the phone.

  Can I receive a paper check?

To ensure your privacy and enhance payment security, we do not issue paper checks. As an alternative to direct deposit, you may request to receive your pension payment on a Focus Card.


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