Board of Supervisors

Deanna Alexander

18th District Supervisor

Dear Neighbors,

I’m honored to serve as your County Supervisor.

Congresswoman Barbara Jordan once said, "What the people want is very simple. They want an America as good as its promise." That is a meaningful statement. We must not forget that freedom from government is just as important as the many services that it can provide. I work hard to stand tall on your behalf, cooperating with others to pass good policies that help Milwaukee County, while recognizing when government starts down the wrong direction. As your representative in our county government, I recognize that I don’t work for the government – I work for you.

Another meaningful quote is when President Ronald Reagan said, "Government's first duty is to protect the people, not run their lives." It is a careful balance to make good oversight and spending decisions on behalf of an entire community and I am honored to be part of such important efforts.

There is always work to be done and I look forward to discussing the important issues that face our community and continuing to take bold actions toward building a better Milwaukee County!

Reach my office at (414) 278-4259

Email me at [email protected]

Legislative Aide: Chandra Staples (414) 278-4201

About Supervisor Alexander

Deanna Alexander is serving her fourth term as the 18th District County Supervisor, representing over 50,000 residents. The district is in Milwaukee County’s northwestern corner along the borders of Waukesha, Washington and Ozaukee counties. To determine if Deanna is your supervisor, click here.

Deanna grew up in southeastern Wisconsin. She studied Accounting and Business Management at the UW-Parkside and Public Administration at the graduate level at Regent University and Taxation at the University of Denver. She is currently pursuing a Doctor of Business Management from Concordia University – Chicago, researching pro-social rule breaking (PSRB) in public workplaces.

Deanna has professional expertise in municipal treasury, public accounting, auditing, and social service contract management. She works as the Village Administrator, Clerk and Treasurer for the Village of Newburg, Wisconsin. Deanna’s previous work in government included time with the Behavioral Health Division, giving her the distinction of being one of the few Milwaukee County employees ever to be elected to the County Board.

In addition, Deanna has worked for the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families overseeing Milwaukee County’s foster care system and has served as an enlisted soldier in the Wisconsin Army National Guard with Milwaukee’s 57th Field Artillery Brigade.

In 2013, Deanna was named to a national “Top 10 Under 40 Future Leaders” list. In 2015 she was recognized by the Milwaukee Police Association for leadership and named a “Hometown Hero” for her efforts on behalf of law enforcement. In 2021 she began a multi-year national training cohort for municipal leadership and professional management.

Deanna volunteers on the Board of Directors for the Villa St. Francis assisted living facility in Milwaukee. She previously served as the Chairwoman of the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Council and on the Milwaukee Child Welfare Partnership Council.

Deanna grew up with an incarcerated parent and family members with addiction issues.  Her family often had to struggle to make ends meet and she knows what it is like to lose a source of income, have to ask for help, and get tangled in bureaucracy trying figure out complex public support systems.  Despite a difficult past, she is today happily married, owns a home in the Park Place neighborhood, and is the proud parent and foster mom to multiple children.

Voting Record

If you have questions or would like clarification on a particular issue, or would like to ask Supervisor Alexander why she chose to vote a certain way, please contact her office at the County Board.

Expense Report

Each member of the Milwaukee County Board is allotted an Individual Office Account (IOA) for expenses such as travel, subscriptions, tickets to events serving a county purpose, memberships to professional organizations, advertising, printing, stationary, postage and constituent newsletters. The following reports detail the expenses allocated to the 18th District Supervisory office.

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Press Releases

Supervisor Alexander Assembles Unlikely Coalition in the Name of Public Safety and Shoreline Protection


The Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors meet today, Thursday, November 10, to adopt an annual budget. Supervisor Alexander authored an amendment for suspension of the rules which would fund South Shore breakwater repair as well as a raise for Milwaukee County Correctional Officers.

Racial Equity to be Focus of Town Hall with Supervisors Alexander and Martin


Milwaukee County Supervisors Deanna Alexander and Felesia Martin with support from the Office on African American Affairs will co-host a town hall event to discuss racial equity, history and quality of life on Tuesday, August 13 at Berea Lutheran Church.

Supervisor Alexander Authors Budget Amendment to Provide Raise to Correctional Officers


Milwaukee County Supervisor Deanna Alexander authored a budget amendment which would provide a provide a $2.00 per hour increase for Correctional Officers in Milwaukee County.

Supervisors Alexander and Logsdon Applaud County Board Rejecting Abortion Referendum for November Ballot


Today the County Board of Supervisors voted on a resolution which would have placed an advisory referendum on the ballot to measure public opinion on whether Wisconsin Statute 940.04 should be repealed. Supervisors Alexander and Logsdon issued the following statements regarding the outcome of the vote.

Supervisor Alexander’s Statement on the 2019 Milwaukee County Budget


Milwaukee County Supervisor Deanna Alexander voted to adopt the 2019 Milwaukee County budget but voted no on several budget amendments brought forward by supervisors.

Deanna Alexander Announces She Will Not Seek Re-election to Board of Supervisors


Supervisor Deanna Alexander announced today that she will honor a pledge she made when she first ran for office to serve no more than three terms as a Milwaukee County Supervisor and will not seek re-election in 2020.

County Board Resists Review of Homelessness Funding


Milwaukee County Supervisors Deanna Alexander, Patti Logsdon, and Sylvia Ortiz-Velez wrote and submitted to the County Board, a resolution aimed at helping to house the part of Milwaukee’s homeless population that federal funding is unable to assist.

Alexander Secures Funding for Noyes Pool in 2020 Budget, Opposes Tax Increase


Supervisor Deanna Alexander secured funding for a lighted sign for Noyes Pool as part of the 2020 Milwaukee County budget Tuesday and voted against the largest property tax increase in recent memory used to finance the $1.18 billion package.

Supervisor Alexander Invited to the White House


Milwaukee County Supervisor Deanna Alexander has traveled to Washington D.C. to meet today with officials from the White House.

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In The News

Urban Milwaukee: Supervisor Says Republicans Planning Incentives for Consolidated City, County Government


During a Jan. 18 county board committee meeting, Supervisor Deanna Alexander shared that Republican state lawmakers have ideas for changing the shared revenue system that would place a premium on the sharing of services between the City of Milwaukee and Milwaukee County.

JS Online: County Board 2023 Budget Adoption: Creation of Paratransit and MCTS Task Forces, Criminal Justice


After a marathon, 11-hour meeting, Milwaukee County supervisors adopted a $1.37 billion 2023 budget, crafting modest adjustments and reinstating services cut in County Executive David Crowley's earlier proposal.

FOX 6: Milwaukee County Abortion Advisory Referendum OK'd For April Ballot


Abortion will be on the ballot in April. Not only in who you pick to sit on the Wisconsin Supreme Court, where the balance of power is at stake in this upcoming election, but also in a referendum.

Urban Milwaukee: County To Seek Historic Designation for Domes


Milwaukee County will pursue a listing on the National Register of Historic Places for the Mitchell Park Domes.

Urban Milwaukee: Abortion Referendum Will Be On Spring Ballots


The Milwaukee County Board approved an advisory referendum Thursday that will ask voters their opinion on Wisconsin’s 1849 abortion ban.

Urban Milwaukee: Vote Could Send More Youth to Lincoln Hills


A vote by the Milwaukee County Board Thursday could end up sending more children to the troubled state-run youth prisons at Lincoln Hills and Copper Lake.

Urban Milwaukee: Board Adopts 2023 County Budget


The Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors adopted a 2023 budget Thursday after spending nearly 12 hours reviewing amendments.

Wisconsin Examiner: Milwaukee County Board Split on Ballot Referenda For November


November referendum proposals have caused a stir on the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors. Two referenda, one dealing with banning assault-style weapons and another regarding cannabis legalization, passed, while another referendum that would have asked voters about abortion bans was rejected.

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