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Jury Reporting Information

How to Complete Your Qualification Questionnaire

We strongly encourage jurors to complete your questionnaire online as it will speed up our ability to process your information and reduce points of contact. You can access the online questionnaire at You will need your Juror ID number to enter the site. That number appears directly above your name at the top of the enclosed summons. You can access the site using your phone, tablet, computer or laptop. If you complete the questionnaire online, you do NOT have to mail in the paper copy.

If you are a convicted felon but are no longer under supervision, you are qualified to serve jury duty.

Text and Email Reminders

We can send you reminders and updates by text and e-mail. We encourage you to use this service and provide your email and/or phone number when completing this questionnaire.

How to Enter Courthouse and Justice Center

Everyone, including jurors, will need to pass through medical detectors upon entrance to the building. Security lines are often long at the Courthouse in the morning so please arrive early and allow time to pass through the detectors. Any item that could be considered a weapon will not be allowed into the building and will be confiscated at the screening stations.

The Milwaukee County Sheriff’s office is responsible for keeping us all safe as we use the buildings. A complete list of all items that will not be allowed into the complex is available on their website.


Be sure to check-in upon arrival and when returning from court. Jurors who do not check-in will be marked absent and will not be paid. Once assigned to a court on a panel, jurors report directly to the courtroom where the trial is being held. Your attendance will be taken there.


You are scheduled for two days or the length of the trial that you are assigned.

If you absolutely cannot serve these dates and would like a short postponement, see the receptionist immediately. If you serve the first day, you are expected to complete your service. You will need to be available each day, all day, until 5 p.m. If any of the following apply at this time, see the receptionist immediately:

  • You are no longer a Milwaukee County resident
  • You are on probation or parole for a felony

Be advised that only current jurors are allowed in the jury assembly area. You may not bring along a spouse, friend, child or other party. Childcare arrangement should be made, as children cannot come with you.

There may also be an extended period of waiting. You may want to bring something to do while you wait. You are able to use your tablets or smartphones while waiting.

Jurors Assigned to a Panel in Court

You must contact the Jury Management office at (414) 278-4469 shortly after 8 a.m. You will be transferred to the courtroom in which you are serving, as you report directly to the judge. Keep in mind that once you are sworn on a panel, the case cannot proceed without all jurors present.

Juror Badge

Your juror badge is to be worn at all times in the courthouse, criminal justice facility or safety building. Wearing the sticker will ensure that people do not discuss court cases or proceedings in your presence (in the hallways, elevators, cafeteria, etc.). We will provide a new sticker each day of your jury service.


Periodic breaks will be announced. Jurors are not permitted to leave the jury assemble area except on announced breaks. Return promptly, as panels are sent to court sporadically throughout the day, depending on the court’s needs.

Smoking is not allowed in the courthouse complex. Wait for an announced break to leave the building to smoke (or for any other reason). We recommend using the 10th Street or Wells Street exits because it is faster to get back into the building through those doors. Please be aware that you will have to pass through the metal detectors each time you re-enter the building.

Lunch Break

You are released for lunch by the jury management staff or by the judge to whom you are assigned for a trial. We will provide each individual juror with a lunch instruction at approximately noon.

  • The Courthouse Café is located on the ground floor
  • There is an ATM on the ground floor of the courthouse just outside of the cafeteria

Reporting Instructions

When you are released for the day from jury management or from a court, you will be instructed by either the jury management staff or the judge as to when and where to report the next day. If you are reporting to a court, you need not return to the jury assembly for attendance. Your normal report time is 9 a.m. unless the court or jury management gives you different instructions.

Illness or Emergency

Jurors in the Pool: If you are unable to report for jury duty because of illness or an emergency, call the jury management office at (414) 278-4469 shortly after 8 a.m. If you are unable to complete your service, you will be rescheduled with no credit or pay for the first day.

Jurors Assigned to a Panel in Court: You must contact the jury management office at (414) 278-4469 shortly after 8 a.m. You will be transferred to the courtroom in which you are serving, as you report directly to the judge. Keep in mind that once you sworn on a panel, the case cannot proceed without all jurors present.


901 North 9th Street, Room 104
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53233
(414) 278-5362


Office hours: 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

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