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Maxine A. White

Chief Judge Maxine Aldridge White

Chief Judge Maxine Aldridge White was appointed by the Wisconsin Supreme Court in March 2015 to serve as chief judge of the state’s First Judicial District, which is comprised of Milwaukee County, effective August 1, 2015.

As the chief judge, Judge White is the administrative chief of the judicial administrative district and is responsible for the administration of judicial business in circuit courts within the district, including supervising its personnel and fiscal management. She will join nine other Wisconsin circuit court judges on the Committee of Chief Judges, which consists of one chief judge from each of the state’s 10 judicial administrative districts and meet monthly as a committee to work with the Supreme Court on issues of statewide importance.

Judge White was first appointed to the bench in 1992 and has been elected four times since, most recently in 2011. Since September 2008 she has served as deputy chief judge of the First Judicial District.

Judge White has served seven years as the Presiding Judge of Milwaukee County Circuit Court’s Family Division. During her 23-year tenure on the bench she has also presided over cases in the large claims Civil Division and the specialty courts in Milwaukee, including the Homicide Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence and Drug prosecution courts.


Milwaukee County Circuit Court Local Rules Revision Project

The Local Rules of the First Judicial District have been substantially revised. New rules governing the civil and criminal divisions and new rules generally applicable in all divisions became effective March 1, 2009. New rules governing the family division become effective on April 15, 2010.

New rules regarding the children’s division are being developed. Consult this site for updates and an opportunity to comment on the proposed rules.

If you have comments regarding the new local rules, direct them to Judge Richard Sankovitz, the chair of the Local Rules Revision Project Committee.

1. Revised Local Rules Governing the Civil, Criminal and Family Divisions and Rules Generally Applicable to All Divisions

2. 14-11 Revision of Local Rules

3. Attachment - Proceedings for Amortization of Debt

4. Appendix of CV Forms 1-10

5. Fillable Form: Petition to Amortize Debt

6. Form 1929-R1: Plea Questionnaire Addendum

7. Scheduling Conference Data Sheet


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