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When Is a Permit Required?

  • Work or emergency repairs within public way
  • Any work within public way requiring lane closures shall require a traffic control plan approved by Milwaukee County prior to issuance of a permit
  • Construction of a driveway or street entrance intersecting any public way
  • Closure of an existing driveway or street or revision to an existing driveway (such as a change in width or surface material) intersecting any public way
  • Change in land use, additions to an existing development, changes in traffic pattern, volumes of an existing driveway or street entrance intersecting a public way
  • Tree planting or any other landscaping within the public way
  • Temporary occupancy of public way
  • Special events held within the public way
  • Encroachments, obstructions, special privileges on the public way
  • Abandoning existing facilities within public way
  • Connection to storm sewers or ditches within the public way
  • Transporting an oversize load on any portion of a county trunk highway

Only property owners, public and private facility owners or their contractors performing said work are allowed to apply for a permit. Permits shall be issued only to said property owners, public and private facility owners or their contractors performing said work.



Permit Fee Increase Notice Effective January 1, 2024

Oversize Load Permit

An Oversize Load Permit is issued to a carrier to allow operation of a vehicle or load that exceeds the statutory limits. An oversize load is defined in Chapter 348 of the Wisconsin State Statutes.

A minimum notice of three working days is requested for review and processing prior to issuance of the permit. Applications received after 3:30 p.m. will not be reviewed or processed until the following business day.

The applicant is responsible for obtaining any other permit(s) from the State or the municipality and for complying with any other restrictive requirement of local ordinances not in conflict with county requirements.

Oversize Load Application

Excavation Permit

Road excavation permits are necessary when excavating in any portion of the road right-of-way. The road right-of-way is usually the area between the sidewalks on each side of the street, including the sidewalks. The road right-of-way may extend several feet beyond the sidewalk.

Excavation Permit Application


2024 Permit Fee Rates - Effective January 1, 2024

Rate Increase Notice Letter

2024 Permit Fee Rates



For other permits and questions, contact:

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