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Jury Duty Frequently Asked Questions

Frequenty Asked Questions

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  Where should I initially report for jury duty?

For jurors reporting at the Milwaukee County Courthouse, 901 N. 9th St.: Plan accordingly! The Courthouse opens at 7:30 a.m.. Jurors must enter the Milwaukee County Courthouse on the West side of the building, 900 N 10th St., 10th Street between Wells and State Streets, where you will be asked to go through security. After passing through security, regular jurors should report to room 307 (3rd floor) of the courthouse. Reserve jurors should report to room 106 (1st floor) of the courthouse.

For jurors reporting at the Vel Phillips Juvenile Justice Center, 10201 W. Watertown Plank Rd.: Jurors should park in the surface lot and enter the north side doors. Jurors will pass through security and then look for signs directing them to the Clerk of Circuit Court office.

Once checked in, further instructions will be given by jury services staff.

  If I’m a reserve juror, how do I know if I’m supposed to report for jury duty?

Contact our reserve juror message Line at (414) 985-6000 the night before your service begins or email us at [email protected].

  If I serve on a jury, can I talk about the case with my family and friends?

If you are selected for a jury, do not discuss the case with your fellow jurors or with any family or friends. You should also not post any information about a case (or your jury service) on social media or other online networking forums.

  What should I do if the Courthouse is closed?

For inclement weather information, call (414) 985-6200. The courts seldom close due to weather.

  Can I use my electronic device(s) anywhere, anytime?

Cellular phones, laptops, tablets or smart devices are not to be used in courtrooms or deliberation rooms without the prior consent of the judge. These devices are acceptable in the Jury Assembly area. Be aware that you should not do any research on the internet or post any information about a case (or your jury service) on any of the social networking web sites, as that could cause a mistrial.

  Can I walk around the courthouse?

Yes. However, you may not visit any courtrooms or conduct court business while you are here serving as a juror, as you may get the wrong impression of cases being heard. Trials may seem alike, but each case must be judged individually. Any other times, all courtrooms are open to the public.

  What is the appropriate attire for jurors?

Business casual dress is recommended. Formal attire is not necessary but informal attire such as shorts, halters, tank tops and shirts with offensive writing are not appropriate. Hats are not allowed unless worn for religious purposes. Jurors are advised to dress in layers as the temperature in the jury assembly area and in the courtrooms can be unpredictable.

  I do not know the law. How can I be a juror?

The judge will explain to the jury the rules of law that apply to the case and explain the decisions jurors must make. Instructions provided by the judge are based upon years of judicial experience and many past cases. The jury must accept and follow the rules of law as given by the judge. A juror may disagree about the facts presented during the trial, but should not allow any personal disagreement with the law influence their decision.

  What if I have an emergency during the trial?

Report any emergencies to the court, the bailiff or the court clerk as soon as possible.

  Why are there delays while the jurors are waiting?

There are two points in the process when jurors may be asked to wait. The first is before being selected to hear the case and the second is during the trial. Jurors are only summoned to the courthouse when a trial is scheduled, but cases may settle at the very last minute. There may also be delays during the trial: witnesses may not have arrived; the judge or attorneys may need to research a legal question; a matter requiring the judge's attention on an emergency basis may arise, or sometimes routine matters such as the preparation of jury instructions must take place outside of the hearing of the jury.

  What is the fine for non-attendance?

FINE FOR NON-ATTENDANCE: 756.30, Juror Contempt Procedure
For a juror who willfully misrepresents answers on the qualification questionnaire, or who willfully fails to return the completed questionnaire within 10 days, or who willfully fails to report when summoned, the court may impose a sanction not to exceed $500.


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