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Milwaukee County Executive David Crowley Statement Condemning Anti-Asian American Violence
Mass shootings in Georgia killing eight people, including six Asian-American women, the latest in a surge of Anti-Asian American attacks over the last year

The following is the statement of the Milwaukee County Executive David Crowley in response to the surge of violent Anti-Asian American violence and yesterday’s tragic shootings in Georgia:

“What happened last night in Georgia was an unspeakable tragedy and my heart grieves with the friends and families of the eight victims of this senseless act of violence. My heart also pours for the millions of people across the nation with heightened anxiety, stress, and fear in the face of these hateful acts.

“Over the last year our brothers and sisters in the AAPI community have endured over 3000 hate incidents across the nation, a 900 percent increase in incidents involving hate speech, and 1 in 4 Asian American youth have reported being bullied because of their ethnic background.

“Unfortunately, violence and hate against our AAPI neighbors is not new. The sordid legacy of systemic racism, hate, and violence is not exclusive to those with linage to slavery. The history of violence against the AAPI community is well-documented throughout our nation’s history and continues to threaten the lives of fellow neighbors.

“Over the last year, those committed to upholding white supremacy have been emboldened by the rhetoric and actions of the previous presidential administration and its allies. This has put the AAPI community at risk – and women at an even greater risk. The shootings last night in Georgia were targeted against women, specifically, sex workers. This intersection is important because it speaks to a larger problem of targeted violence against women and women of color who historically have been erased and/or extremely marginalized in discussions protecting the rights and lives of our fellow Americans. We cannot forget that danger and violence live at the intersection of racism and sexism.

“We must push back against a rising culture of hate, discrimination, and violence – no matter what form it takes. Milwaukee County is committed to driving out hate, dismantling systemic racism in our institutions, and seeing the humanity in each of our residents. We believe that everyone deserves protection and the right to live freely without fear. It is time for all of us to exercise seeing the humanity in our neighbors. It is the most patriotic thing we can do as American citizens to see our neighbors as human-beings worthy of the same rights and opportunities as anyone else.

“I want our brothers and sisters in the AAPI community to know that they are heard, and I understand the shock and fear they must face right now. We stand with you and join you in speaking out against violence and hate in all of its forms."


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