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County Executive Chris Abele

Priorities, Goals and Values

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Priorities, Goals and Values

The strength of our industry, the beauty of our land, the diversity of our people, the connections throughout our community: Milwaukee County is an outstanding place to live, learn, work and play.

Covering 19 different municipalities and encompassing than 40 different departments and divisions, Milwaukee County government is tasked with serving our residents and visitors in a wide variety of ways. We aim to deliver people-driven, innovative, best-in-class services in everything we do – from the airport to the zoo.

The County Executive oversees all county services and ensures our mission of connecting people and strengthening our community is carried out every day. 

Our Three Goals

Pursuing Excellence 

It’s a big goal, but it’s one we’ve made significant progress toward achieving: We want Milwaukee County to be a model government that employs the best ideas, the best practices and the best employees.



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Promoting Racial Equity and Social Justice

The rich diversity within our County is one of our greatest strengths. We are committed to building up our diverse communities and ensuring fair and equal opportunities for all people of our county to grow and thrive. A fair justice system that unites our community, rather than dividing it, is one of our greatest priorities.



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Ensuring Fiscal Sustainability

The County Executive oversees a billion-dollar budget that supports the hundreds of services we provide, from the county justice system to our thriving parks system to providing housing assistance and beyond. Whether the money to fund these services comes in the form of taxes, fees, donations or grants, we want to make sure every cent is used in a responsible manner that provides short-term and long-term value to the people of our County.


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