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November 15, 2023

Milwaukee County Executive David Crowley Approves 2024 Adopted Budget

Crowley signs the budget as passed by the County Board of Supervisors to enhance services and invest in Milwaukee County

MILWAUKEE – On Wednesday, County Executive David Crowley signed the 2024 Adopted Budget as passed by the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors at Concordia 27 on the City of Milwaukee’s Near West Side.

For the first time in over 20 years, Milwaukee County is projecting a surplus in the budget in 2024. The $31.6 million surplus projection is a direct result of Wisconsin Act 12, which was passed by the Wisconsin State Legislature and allowed Milwaukee County to increase its sales tax rate by 0.4%.

“It is a new day in Milwaukee County. By deploying tax revenue generating tools and maintaining our track record of thoughtful, fiscally responsible budgeting, we have the opportunity to invest in our community that will benefit residents, families, and neighborhoods for many years to come,” said Milwaukee County Executive David Crowley. “While our fiscal challenges are not behind us and future budgets will require innovative, creative solutions, I am proud of the 2024 Adopted Budget that enhances services, invests in our community, and helps move Milwaukee County forward.”

The 2024 Adopted Budget includes a historic $21 million decrease in the property tax levy – the largest in Milwaukee County history. This decrease is due in large part to the passage of Act 12. The increase in sales tax revenue will allow diversified funding streams and reduce Milwaukee County’s reliance on the property tax levy, putting money back in homeowners’ pockets.

The budget also includes over $16 million through a tax levy increase for the Milwaukee County Transit System (MCTS). As one of the County services most at risk prior to the Act 12 funding solution, County Executive Crowley is pleased to provide dedicated funding to help sustain current transportation services, enhance transit security, and prevent further fiscal challenges.

The Milwaukee County Parks was another resource in need of increased financial support, and the 2024 Adopted Budget dedicates an additional $3 million into our parks, creating 18 new full-time positions to support operations, maintenance, and more. Additionally, over $25 million in capital investments will be dedicated to new parks projects, including trail improvements and modernizations, to improve the quality of Milwaukee County’s beautiful green spaces and outdoor assets.

The County Executive is proud that the 2024 Adopted Budget includes investments for affordable housing development projects across Milwaukee County, including at Concordia 27 on Milwaukee’s Near West Side where the County Executive signed the budget.

Among the many other investments supported by County Executive Crowley, the 2024 Adopted Budget includes a pay increase for Milwaukee County Correctional Officers, free phone calls and video time for individuals at both the Community Reintegration Center (CRC) and the Milwaukee County Jail, additional resources for homeless outreach efforts, increased dollars for pre-trial mental health services, housing vouchers for residents leaving the CRC, a take-home pay increase for Milwaukee County employees, and more.

Additional information is available on the Milwaukee County website.


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