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Equity in Action: Milwaukee County Executive David Crowley Signs Paid Parental Leave Legislation 
Beginning June 6, eligible employees will have eight weeks of paid leave after the birth of a child   

MILWAUKEE, WI – Today, County Executive David Crowley signed Paid Parental Leave legislation into law increasing equity and workplace flexibility for Milwaukee County employees. Co-authored by Supervisors Liz Sumner and Ryan Clancy, the legislation was unanimously passed by the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors last month. 

“When we look at poor birth outcomes or at parents without the tools to make the most out of those first critical development stages in a young child’s life –Black and Brown parents are impacted disproportionately. It is the result of generations of discriminatory policies that prevented families of color from earning high wages, building emergency savings, and accessing financial resources that would allow them to take the time needed to care for their children – at any stage of development,” said Milwaukee County Executive David Crowley. “This is a fantastic day for the 4,000 employees who work for the county and step in the right direction to improving equity throughout Milwaukee County.”

Effective June 6, Eligible employees will have eight weeks of paid leave available for the birth of a child or adoption of a child under the age of 5 under the new policy. A birthing parent will be eligible for additional days of leave in instances of devastating situations such as stillbirth or miscarriage. Paid leave will extend, in the case of birth or adoption, to parents and guardians alike.

"Paid parental leave is a game-changer for the county, especially as we face headwinds in hiring,” said Supervisor Liz Sumner. “Offering paid parental leave will not only make the county a more attractive employer but will allow us to better retain and support our current employees. I'm proud that the county can be a leader on this issue."

“This important legislation allows parents to develop lasting, meaningful bonds with their children. It also allows Milwaukee County to demonstrate to our employees that we value our relationship with them and their relationships with their families,” said Supervisor Ryan Clancy.  I am hopeful and confident that this will encourage more private-sector employers to adopt similar paid parental leave policies which data shows have profoundly positive benefits for our community.”



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