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June 20, 2023

County Executive Crowley on Gov. Evers Signing Local Revenue Reform Into Law

MILWAUKEE, WI – This morning, Gov. Evers signed into law local revenue reform including authorizing a sales tax for Milwaukee County to avoid a fiscal cliff in just a few short years. County Executive David Crowley released the following statement following the news: 

“Today marks another historic step forward for communities across the state looking to best serve their residents and set up future generations for success. For Milwaukee County, this brings us closer to avoiding a devastating fiscal cliff and continue critical service our residents rely on each day.

“Thank you once again to Governor Tony Evers, Senate Majority Leader Devin LeMahieu, and Assembly Speaker Robin Vos for coming to the table and producing bipartisan legislation that helps Milwaukee County address its unique financial challenges.

“As deliberations on the sole issue of additional revenue turn to local legislative bodies, its important that Milwaukee County, as an arm of the state, acknowledge the fiscal realities that we must confront. Reaching a fiscal cliff is undoubtedly the single biggest threat to improving quality of life for residents and setting up our region for long-term success.

“There is too much at stake for Milwaukee County to miss the mark on the opportunity ahead of us to avoid major services cuts and staff reductions across the board. This is a generational opportunity to secure our financial future and continue offering the services that keep residents healthy and safe.

“I look forward to productive conversations with county leaders and encouraging decision-making that aligns with community needs.”





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