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Milwaukee County Community Reintegration Center Residents Complete IN2WORK Rehabilitative Program
7 CRC residents completed skills training in food service and retail last month 

MILWAUKEE, WI – Last month, Milwaukee County’s Community Reintegration Center (CRC) reached another milestone in its work to provide rehabilitative services to residents in their care and set them up for success once they re-enter their communities. In February, 7 residents completed the IN2WORK program aimed at equipping CRC residents with the kitchen and restaurant management skills to make them competitive job applicants upon release from the care of the CRC. 

“It’s great to see residents getting the tools they need to be successful once they leave our care. I appreciate partnerships like the one we have with Aramark to provide individuals with the tools to return to their neighborhoods as assets to the community,” said Milwaukee County Executive David Crowley. “We know that economic hardship is one of the top reasons we see residents enter the system. IN2WORK reduces the stress of finding a job and income upon release and increases economic security. Programs like these gives residents invaluable skills that make them competitive in the marketplace, set them up for a second chance upon re-entry, and decrease the likelihood they reenter the justice system.”  

Recidivism continues to be a major issue for the United States correctional system. Studies have shown that education and job training have significant impact on reducing repeat offenses.
The purpose of IN2WORK is to teach students how to function in a workplace setting and work as a team, which leads to an increase in public safety and a decrease in future victimization. Students learn accountability and responsibility through disciplined classroom and hands-on training. By building competent and confident graduates, graduates are set up for success upon reentry to civilian life.

“When residents commit an offense, their removal from the community by order of a judge is their punishment. The role of the CRC is to provide a safe and secure environment to rehabilitate and re-introduce residents back into the community,” said Milwaukee County Community Reintegration Center Superintendent Chantell Jewell. “I’m proud to see residents completing the IN2WORK program and preparing themselves for a second chance upon release. I wish them all the best when they return to their neighborhoods. In addition, I look forward to creating more CRC success stories through quality programs that aim to positively impact the physical and mental well-being of the individual.” 

Students accepted into the program receive a certification from The National Restaurant Association upon completion. Once released, Aramark offers IN2WORK graduates an opportunity to apply for a scholarship to continue their education and jumpstart their career through exclusive access to the company’s virtual job coach by texting a key word from any smart device unlocking employment opportunities with Aramark.

Residents who complete the program are encouraged to apply with Aramark for careers paying approximately $18 an hour. In addition, local employer, Saz’s Hospitality Group, attended February’s completion ceremony and encouraged graduates to apply for careers upon release.  

Learn more about Aramark and IN2WORK here. 





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