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Fraud Reporting Form

What to Include

When making a report, provide dates, times, names, the person’s role in Milwaukee County, locations, possible witnesses, equipment or vehicles used and any other information that will help in an investigation.

You may remain anonymous when reporting fraud, waste or abuse in Milwaukee County! If you wish to remain anonymous, we recommend that you use the Fraud Reporting Form to submit your concerns. You may also make a report by telephone, email, mail or fax. Be aware that your contact information may be associated with those reports. However, if you state in your phone call, email, letter or fax that you wish to remain anonymous as a condition of providing information, we will keep your report confidential to the greatest extent possible under the law.

What Happens to Complaints

Complaints of alleged fraud, waste and abuse are reviewed to determine the best response to the complaint. The review process considers a number of factors such as the provided information, the impact the alleged actions have on county operations and the use of investigation resources. Generally, there are three options for responding to a complaint: open an investigation, refer to a more appropriate office, department or agency or decline to take further action for one or more reasons.

Investigation generally has two outcomes: Substantiated, meaning that the evidence supports that the alleged fraud, waste or abuse occurred; or unsubstantiated, meaning that the available evidence cannot support that the alleged fraud, waste or abuse occurred. An investigation may be administratively closed, meaning the investigation is closed for one or more reasons prior to reaching a determination.

Allegation of Fraud, Waste or Abuse Reporting Form

Audit Services Division



Alleged Incident

Describe in as much detail as possible the alleged incident of fraud, waste or abuse. Include times, locations, vehicles or equipment (telephone, computer, cash register, etc.) used and any possible witnesses.

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*Client refers to a person who receives a benefit from a county-administered program.



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Note: You can remain anonymous. Your name is not required to report an allegation of fraud, waste or abuse.

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