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COVID-19 Dashboard for Individuals in County Care

Milwaukee County is committed to maintaining transparency throughout the duration of the public health emergency to keep the public informed about the health and wellbeing of those who live and work in our facilities. The data below represents the latest case and vaccine information and is updated on Wednesdays.

Our Commitment

Milwaukee County is responding with all available resources to mitigate the potential impact and spread of COVID-19 in among our most vulnerable individuals, those in our care within the County's residential facilities. We take seriously our responsibility to protect the health and safety of our staff, the public and those in our care and custody. We coordinate with public health officers and healthcare professionals in to monitor developments related to this rapidly evolving situation.

Milwaukee County’s Community Justice Council has been working tirelessly to develop comprehensive strategies to prevent the spread of COVID-19 throughout our local justice system and broader community.

Recognizing jails and prisons are vulnerable to outbreaks of this kind, it was imperative to introduce new protective screening and isolation procedures, as well as reduce the number of individuals within our local facilities. With the COVID-19 vaccine now available, Milwaukee County has released a dashboard showing the total number of vaccine doses allocated and administered, and a weekly snapshot of the vaccination rate for residents and staff of the House of Correction.

COVID Case Data

Aug. 3, 2021

Persons in Our Care


There are no employee cases to report this week.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  What information is available related to vaccination rates among Milwaukee County House of Correction residents?

The Milwaukee County dashboard shows key vaccination data for residents and employees at the House of Correction. This data reflects individuals who have been vaccinated at the House of Correction or elsewhere before arriving at HOC.

As Milwaukee County makes adjustments to the data collection system, these metrics will grow stronger over time and provide a clearer picture of the House of Correction vaccination efforts.

  Why is Milwaukee County releasing vaccination data?

Because of space limitations within correctional facilities, physical distancing and other safety precautions are not always possible. Reporting on vaccination rates is one way Milwaukee County can be transparent and hold ourselves accountable for instituting our top defense against the spread of the virus: vaccines.

Reporting and reviewing the vaccination data week by week will enable Milwaukee County to identify any areas of concern, such as hesitancy or supply, and allow officials to make informed decisions to adjust health education and outreach strategies as needed.

  What happens if a resident receives his/her first vaccine dose at the House of Correction but is no longer in custody at the time of their second dose?

When a resident is released, staff give them their vaccine card and encourage them to schedule their second vaccine dose, offering several options.

  • Staff can schedule the individual’s second dose at the County’s Kosciuszko Community Center vaccination site, with transportation provided. (A bus pass to and from the site.)
  • Individuals can contact their local health department or a local pharmacy to schedule their second dose.
  • Individuals can return to the House of Correction health center to receive their second dose.

Once individuals are released, staff attempt to follow up to remind them to get their second shot scheduled.

  Why isn’t data available for the Milwaukee County Jail?

The Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office is working with the County’s contracted correctional healthcare provider Wellpath and partners to compile similar data for public access. Statistics involving the jail may take a different form than those involving HOC, as the jail is a pre-trial facility with many residents moving in and out of custody daily.

  How often will this data update?

The data will be updated every Wednesday.

  Which vaccines are available to residents?

The House of Correction has both the Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccines.

The House of Correction carries both brands and offers residents a choice of which vaccine they receive.

  When will the House of Correction begin administering the Johnson & Johnson vaccine again?

Wisconsin DHS lifted the pause on the Johnson & Johnson vaccine on April 27, following a recommendation from the CDC to resume vaccinations. The House of Correction resumed offering and administering the Johnson & Johnson vaccine immediately once the pause was lifted.

  What is Milwaukee County doing to increase the vaccination rate among residents in the House of Correction?

Healthcare, public health, and correctional staff have provided different educational materials (in English and Spanish) to residents and help answer their questions.

Milwaukee County is hiring a communications firm to help identify culturally competent credible messengers to educate residents and employees about the benefits of taking the vaccine.

Certain activities are open to fully vaccinated residents, including residing in a working dorm and having access to more recreational activities.

  Are House of Correction staff required to get the COVID-19 vaccine?

House of Correction staff are not required to get the vaccine. However, the CDC recommends everyone who is eligible to get vaccinated as a way to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Therefore, Milwaukee County is encouraging our staff to get vaccinated as well.

  What have you been doing to stop the spread of COVID-19?

We coordinate with public health officers and healthcare professionals in the county to monitor developments related to this rapidly evolving situation.

Allowing for single-occupant cells at the jail, which is indicated as a national best practice and provides for safe physical distancing.

Limiting new jail admissions – no standalone misdemeanor arrests will result in the immediate transfer of individuals to the local county jail, instead, law enforcement agencies refer the appropriate charges to the District Attorney’s Office for review.

  What happens when a resident is too sick to remain in your custody?

When deemed by medical professionals that a resident is has greater medical needs than what can be treated at our secure facilities, that individual is transferred to a local hospital.

  How often are dormitories cleaned?

Dorms at the House of Correction are being cleaned and sanitized three times per day, instead of the once per day cycle before the outbreak.

  What happens to individuals who have tested positive for COVID-19 or who are displaying symptoms?

Whenever a resident is found to be symptomatic for the flu, potential COVID-19 and/or any other symptom which may or may not be contagious, that inmate is immediately removed from the dormitory and assigned to a quarantine space where they are assessed and tested for COVID-19.

  Do residents have equipment like masks, and gloves to protect themselves?

Residents have access to the necessary supplies to frequently wash their hands and sanitize the dormitory.

Each resident has been issued a surgical mask to wear and these masks are replaced every 6 days.

  Do staff have the proper protective equipment?

Staff have been issued or have access to PPE applicable to their work assignment. Staff members are instructed to wipe down their work area at the start of each shift and sanitary wipes are provided and maintained at each work station to accomplish this task.

  How many people are housed in a dormitory?

At the House of Correction, before the COVID-19 outbreak our dorms held between 60 and 70 people. We’re now capping dormitories at 40 people.

  If someone came into contact with someone with COVID-19, how will they find out?

The local health departments work closely with corrections officials to conduct contact tracing to ensure residents and staff are protected.

  Are people being released from your facilities?

The steps to create reduction were and will continue to be done with great thought and care with the best interests of victims and public safety in mind.

The District Attorney’s Office will continue to immediately review all felony cases, as well as Domestic Violence misdemeanor matters, for charging.

Between 175 and 190 individuals are being supervised on electronic monitoring.

  My loved one is at one of your facilities, why can’t I get any information about their health?

There are federal HIPPA (privacy concerns) that we are held to. We cannot share medically sensitive information with family/friends unless the individual in our care signs a release of information form.

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