Comprehensive Community Services

         Comprehensive Community Services (CCS)



(414) 257-6060 (FOR ADULTS) OR (414) 257-7607 (FOR YOUTH) 


Comprehensive Community Services (CCS) is a recovery-focused, integrated behavioral health program for adults with severe mental illness and/or substance use disorders and children with severe emotional disturbance. CCS is unique for its inclusion of both children and adults and its focus on other physical illness and impact on multiple system use. CCS provides a coordinated and comprehensive array of recovery services, treatment, and psychosocial rehabilitation services that assist individuals to utilize professional, community, and natural supports to address their needs. CCS is a community-based program in which the majority of services are provided in clients’ homes and communities. The program is person-centered and uses client-directed service plans to describe the individualized services that will support the client to achieve their recovery goals. Services are provided by teams of professionals, peer specialists, and natural supports, all coordinated by a CCS service facilitator.


Resources for CCS Participants 

CCS Informational Sheet for Consumers - Hmong


Adult CCS Provider Directory


BHD Client Rights and the Grievance Procedure - (New)

PowerPoint Slides: Module # 12 3 4 5 6 7 8 9


Resources for CCS Providers 

CCS ForwardHealth Update: Changes to CCS as a Result of the Wisconsin 2013-15 Biennial Budget

CCS Supervision Log

CCS Care Coordination Teams

Consent for Treatment (.pdf)

Determination of Need

CARS Comprehensive Assessment


Discharge Summary

Case Note/Service Comments

Other Forms

MH/AODA Functional Screen Consent Form

Annual Participation Agreement

CCS Ancillary Providers

CCS Ancillary Provider Roster Add Form (for CARS-CCS following approval by Contract Management)

CCS Rehabilitation Working Training Addendum (required for staff ads)

CCS Clinical Student Addendum (required for intern adds)

CCS Provider Training Resources

CCS Paraprofessional Documentation Training (PowerPoint)

Good Clinical Documentation Samples

Behavioral Health Webinar Series

Wisconsin Public Psychiatry Network Teleconference Series

Additional Resources

SAMHSA Evidence-Based Practices Kits

CCS Policies & Procedures CARS Policies & Procedures Required by CCS


An essential component of CCS is the

Recovery Advisory Committee (RAC),

a group of committed, passionate consumers, providers, and advocates who come together to share ideas and make important decisions

to ensure the success of Milwaukee County’s CCS program.


RAC Membership Brochure

RAC Membership Application

Milwaukee CCS Empowerment Edition Newsletter:

Vol 1 Ed 1- 08/2016

Vol 1 Ed 2 - 07/2017

RAC Meeting Minutes:

8/2014 ♦    9/2014 ♦   3/2015 ♦    5/2015

7/2015 ♦    9/2015 ♦   11/2015 ♦  1//2016

3/2016 ♦    5/2016 ♦   7/2016 ♦    9/2016

11/2016  1/2017 ♦   3/2017 ♦    5/2017

7/2017 ♦    9/2017   1/2018     3/2018


"Community Access to Recovery Services (CARS) is not onboarding new providers at this time. If you are interested in becoming a CCS provider, please go to: to register your agency.

BHD 24-Hour Crisis Line
(414) 257-7222
BHD Access Clinic
(414) 257-7665
CARS Division
9455 W. Watertown Plank Road (map)
Milwaukee, WI 53226
(414) 257-8095
(414) 454-4242 (fax)
Amy Lorenz, Deputy Administrator
(414) 257-7729 Phone
(414) 454-4242 (fax)
Jennifer Wittwer, Associate Director
(414) 257-4704 Phone
(414) 454-4242 (fax)

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