Interim Disability Assistance Program (IDAP)

IDAP is a county-funded program that provides a monthly payment to financially needy residents 18 and older and married couples without children who are unable to work due to a disability and have a high probability of receiving federal Supplemental Security Income (SSI).  The payment is issued until SSI eligibility is approved or denied, after which the IDAP payment ends.


Any assets are budgeted dollar-for-dollar against the IDAP payment until liquidated.  Exempt assets (subject to review) include a home, a car worth up to $2,500 and $300 cash value in a life insurance policy.


Both earned and unearned income are budgeted dollar-for-dollar against the IDAP payment.  The first 20% of earned income is disregarded.


To qualify, an applicant must have submitted an application for SSI with the Federal Social Security Administration.  A copy of the SSI application must be submitted with the IDAP application.


IDAP is not an entitlement benefit, but an interest-free loan and IDAP recipients must sign a contract to repay.  If SSI is approved, repayment is deducted from the initial SSI lump sum payment.  If SSI is denied, eligibility ends and the individual is expected to repay from any future income or non-exempt assets, or from their estate upon death.


A face-to-face interview is required, although an authorized representative may act on the applicant's behalf.


For more information regarding IDAP, call Community Advocates at 449-4777.




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