Over the past few years we have experienced unprecedented demands on natural resources including  non-renewable energy sources.  This has resulted in the rapid escalation of the cost of energy causing homeowners, businesses and institutions to find ways to use these resources more efficiently to minimize the financial and environmental impact.   In response to these pressures, Milwaukee County set forth a series of initiatives to promote practices intended to control operating costs and improve the quality of life for the citizens of Milwaukee County through sound environmental stewardship.

The Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors and County Executive approved the Green Print resolution in 2007.  The goals of the resolution include:
Energy savings sustainable design Sustainable Construction
  • Retrofit public buildings with high-performance, energy efficient technology to save money
  • Require County-supported construction projects to meet LEED standards
 Bioinfiltration swale along Bradford Beach  Resource Management
  • Reduce the amount of storm water runoff and seek ways to use water more efficiently
  • Enhance recycling efforts at County facilities
  • Return unused park land to native grassland and prairie reserve areas
 War Memorial Museum  Education
  • Improve staff awareness of green initiatives and programs
  • Encourage staff participation in efforts to support green initiatives at work and at home
  • Require departments to look for ways to improve energy efficiency


Mission: To improve Milwaukee County government's operational efficiency and effectiveness, protect and restore natural resources, and enhance the quality of life for County residents, now and in the future


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Gordie Bennett
Sustainability DirectorDept. of Administrative Services
633 W Wisconsin Ave, Ste. 1004
Milwaukee, WI 53203


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