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OEM is in the business of urban resiliency, the protection of lives and property through exacting communications to decision-makers and through the total coordination of resources, on-location and on-time. OEM strives for a 'whole community' approach, meaning collaborative stewardship in government and in private entities, thereby allowing civic society to bounce back from the shocks of our increasingly complex culture.


Check out OEM on the EMS Live Podcast!

  • 6/27/2017---Milwaukee County OEM Director, Christine Westrich, and OEM- EMS Division Director Ken Sternig talk on EMS Live about the national opioid epidemic, its impact on Wisconsin communities, and what EMS is doing in response. LISTEN HERE

  • 4/25/2017--- OEM Director Christine Westrich, Medical Director Dr. Colella and EMS Division Director Ken Sternig on EMS Live, a podcast produced by the Professional Ambulance Association of Wisconsin (PAAW). The three discuss the EMS Division's reversal of the old practice of diversion, which allowed ERs to turn away ambulances due to hospital capacity issues. LISTEN HERE



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Help balance the 2018 County Budget with the "Balancing Act" application!

Engage Milwaukee is an extension of County Executive Abele’s belief that Milwaukee County has everything it takes to be the best-run government in the country, but that we can only get there if we constantly aim to improve in all that we do. He also believes that a more interactive model of civic engagement and public input greatly increases our chance of success. Last year, as part of his budget process, County Executive Abele went beyond the standard practice of public hearings to host feedback circles facilitated by the Zeidler Center where residents learned about the County’s budget and were able to give meaningful input on specific issues and policy suggestions.
This year, we’re improving on that process even further with the Engage Milwaukee initiative. Using a new software platform, Balancing Act, County residents will be able to design and share their own budget for Milwaukee County. This tool will help the public more easily visualize and understand the difficulties in balancing the needs of competing priorities with finite resources. The Balancing Act software uses clear and transparent language to describe the County’s revenues and expenses, and then lets users determine their funding priorities – the only catch is, they have to balance revenue and spending, just like elected officials do.
Try balancing the budget here!!

Milwaukee County Office of Emergency Management
633 W. Wisconsin Ave., Suite 700
Milwaukee, WI 53203


Christine Westrich | Director

Office of Emergency Management
414.226.7303 (Office)
414.257.4709 (24/7 OEM)
633 W. Wisconsin Ave., Suite 700
Milwaukee, WI 53203


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