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OUR MISSION: Provide a highly available, well maintained and safe transportation infrastructure that contributes to the economic competitiveness and quality of life throughout the region.





The Milwaukee County Department of Transportation (MCDOT) is a diverse Department charged with developing and maintaining Milwaukee County's vast infrastructure needs based on the diverse talent and qualifications of its staff. There are five distinct divisions within the Department and each is charged with a unique role in serving the needs of the County. The Department consists of the Director's Office, the Transportation Services Section, Highway Maintenance, Fleet Management and Transit Services  The Director manages the Department and is assisted by the Director of Administration.






Commitment to our mission provides a safe environment by promoting mobility and accessibility to the citizens of Milwaukee County and its visitors while enhancing the quality of life and promoting economic prosperity for all. As a recognized public works leader, we strive to continuously improve our operations in order to provide value, knowledge and expertise within the context of a sustainable environment.




  • Customer Service- We measure the quality of our services by the satisfaction of those we serve.

  • Excellence- We aim to excel in all that we do and continually strive to do better.

  • Teamwork- We build organizational strength through cooperation and collaboration with others.

  • Integrity- We dedicate ourselves to the highest levels of ethical and professional conduct in serving our customers and working with others.

  • Accountability- We are personally responsible and accountable for "doing what we were hired to do."

  • Value- We strive for ways to improve processes that make our job more efficient and reduce costs to taxpayers.

  • Selflessness- We do whatever it takes to get the job done.

  • Diversity- We respect and value the differences of others and realize that taking diversity into considertion leads to cohesiveness and unity.

  • Innovation- We accept change as an opportunity to find better ways to accomplish our mission.

  • Adaptability- We are open and flexible to changing priorities, strategies, procedures and methods.

  • Commitment- We are dedicated to the delivery of high-quality and responsive services.









For 2017, the Milwaukee County Adopted Budget appropriates expenditures of $248,369,570, revenues of $232,728,319, and $15,641,251 in tax levy to the MCDOT.  MCDOT's portion of the tax levy represents only 5.4% of the entire tax levy for Milwaukee County. This is especially significant when considering that the Department accounts for 15.5% of the County's overall expenditures. This levy percentage excludes the Airport because that operation is zero tax levy.

The largest tax levy component within MCDOT is the Milwaukee County Transit System (MCTS) at $13,961,512.  Both MCDOT and MCTS continually strive to balance the needs of the transit user, employers whose employees rely on a dependable transit system, and the tax payers.


MCDOT's revenues are generated by a variety of sources including state and federal aids and general obligation bond revenues (largely in the Architectural, Engineering and Environmental Services section) for capital improvement projects. MCDOT continues to pursue additional outside revenues that will further its goals and provide tax levy savings to the County.






The Milwaukee County Department of Transportation (MCDOT)  contributes to the Countrywide and regional economy in two important ways- providing jobs and creating tax base. Whether it is through the improvements to county infrastructure, which includes road design and construction, or county building improvements,  MCDOT provides job opportunities of all kinds, from professional to the skilled trades. MCDOT contracts its $73.2 million woth of services out to approximately 700 vendors annually. The Department works closely with the Office of Disadvantaged Business Partners to ensure everyone in our community is involved in these opportunities. Involving our business partners in the community and investing in critical infrastructure results in direct economic impacts to Milwaukee County and the region by supporting job growth, and improving and maintaining infrastructure that serves as a backbone to area businesses.


The MCDOT continues to create additional tax base within the region through the sale or lease of County-owned property at the County Grounds, Park East Corridor and former 440th Air Force Refueling Base. The MCDOT has achieved success in some of these areas and is poised to assist in the creation of tax base generating developments in the coming year and beyond. As with job creation opportunities from construction projects, the sale of county-owned land to new or expanding businesses is vital to the economic future of the community and region as a whole.



Milwaukee County consists of 19 municipalities: Click here to FIND YOUR MUNICIPALITY







Partner with Us:









The MCDOT partners with all 19 municipal partners to address a number of infrastructure needs related to road repair and maintenance, airport operations, and transportation planning.



The MCDOT works with businesses looking to expand in or locate to Milwaukee.


Commercial Business Districts

The MCDOT works with commercial corridors to ensure roads are designed to maximize customer access and are accessible under all conditions.



The MCDOT works with contractors to ensure that the improvement and repair of infrastructure is cost effective and of the highest quality.


Disadvantage Business Enterprises

The MCDOT is committed to growth of small business in Milwaukee County, and supports the participation of DBEs on projects.


If you are interested in contracting opportunities, please visit the: Milwaukee County Business Opportunity Portal  




Donna Brown-Martin, Director

Department of Transportation

Director's Office

10320 W. Watertown Plank Rd., 2nd Floor

Wauwatosa, WI  53226

Phone: (414) 257-5992



Julie Esch, Deputy Director

Department of Transportation

Director's Office

10320 W. Watertown Plank Rd., 2nd Floor

Wauwatosa, WI  53226

Phone: (414) 257-5992



Brian Dranzik, Director

Airport Division

5300 South Howell Avenue

Milwaukee, WI  53207

Phone: (414) 747-5300



Greg Heisel, Highway Maintenance Manager

Highway Maintenance Section

10320 W. Watertown Plank Rd., 1st Floor

Wauwatosa, WI  53226

Phone: (414) 257-6566



Andrea Weddle-Henning, Transportation Design & Construction Engineering Manager

Transportation Services Section

10320 W. Watertown Plank Rd., 2nd Floor

Wauwatosa, WI  53226

Phone: (414) 257-5900



Dan Goeden, Fleet Director

Fleet Management Division

10320 W. Watertown Plank Rd., 1st Floor

Wauwatosa, WI  53226

Phone: (414) 257-6578



Dan Boehm, Managing Director

Milwaukee County Transit System

1942 N. 17th St.

Milwaukee, WI  53205

Phone: (414) 344-4550

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