Child Support Services

The Department operates the State of Wisconsin's child support program for Milwaukee County. In doing so, the Department locates absent parents, establishes paternity, and establishes and enforces child support orders.


During March, April, May and June of 2014, the State of Wisconsin will be publishing its Annual Notice of Child Support Unclaimed Funds in various newspapers around the State.  Child Support Unclaimed Funds include money paid for Child Support that could not be disbursed to the child's custodian because the State did not have a valid address for that custodian.  If you believe that the State Treasurer may be holding Child Support that was due to you, you may obtain a claim form from the State by calling 1-800-991-5530 or visiting  On the website, select 'Unclaimed Property', then scroll to 'Unclaimed Child Support' to link to the 'Request for Abandoned Funds' claim form.


The Department of Child Support Services employees are dedicated to the goal of ensuring that all children are supported by both parents whenever possible. The Department manages over 125,000 IV-D cases for Milwaukee County. Support disbursed for Milwaukee County cases averages over $12,000,000.00 per month (based on 2013 calendar year figures).


The Department has five divisions: Establishment, Enforcement, Financial, Legal, and Operations. Establishment is responsible for establishing paternity, obtaining support orders, and maintaining the Customer Service unit of the Department. The Enforcement Division handles income withholding, contempt actions, modification reviews, interstate enforcement, and tax refund interception. The entry of family court orders on Wisconsin's Kids Information Data System (KIDS) and the proper disbursement of support payments is the focus of the Financial Division. The Legal Division represents the Department in family court hearings. Operations is responsible for maintaining the infrastructure of the Department: its human resources, computers, supplies, and budget.



James Sullivan, Director


John P. Hayes Center

901 North 9th Street
Courthouse - Room 101
Milwaukee, WI 53233

Phone:  (414) 615-2593

Fax:  (414) 223-1865







Mission Statement

The Department of Child Support Services, through the utilization of community resources, promotes family stability,
creating a better quality of life for the children of Milwaukee County.

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