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Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office Citizen Complaint Form


Personal Information
First Name: Last Name: Home Phone: Cell Phone:
Address:  City:  State:  Zip:    
Best Time to contact: Email Address:     
Complaint Information
Date/Time of Occurrence: Date of Complaint: 
Location of Occurrence: Employee(s) Involved:
Details: Describe your complaint. Include names, times, locations, witnesses and any other factual supporting information.


Legal Information
Before submitting this statement please read the following and choose one statement regarding confidentiality:
  I have no objection to my complaint, name, address, and phone number being made public.
  I request complete confidentiality regarding the information contained herein as it relates to public disclosure. 

  ATTENTION:  It is a crime, according to state statute 946.66(2) - False complaints of police misconduct.  To knowingly make false complaint regarding the conduct of a law enforcement officer.  Said violation carries up to a $10,000 forfeiture. 
  CERTIFICATION: I certify that all of the statements made in this complaint are true, complete and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief, and are made in good faith.   
Please indicate that you have read the above statements and agree with the stated terms, and understand the legal responsibility associated with filing a citizen complaint. 


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