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Milwaukee County Department of Health and Human Services Update in Response to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The Milwaukee County Department of Health and Human Services is committed to the safety and needs of the individuals that we serve. We are taking the current situation with the Coronavirus very seriously and working closely with public officials and community partners to ensure access to services. Look for any changes and updates to services on the divisions' landing pages. You can also call 2-1-1 for information. IMPACT 2-1-1 provides a coordinated point for those in need.

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Purpose, Drive and Compassion...

...are at the bedrock of what we do and who we are. With our transformation to become the national leader in behavioral health services, we won’t hire people who don’t share those values. But for the ones who do, we go a step further. We offer financial perks and an opportunity to be on the front-line with a team changing the way behavioral health care is delivered to Milwaukee County. We need nurses who have what it takes to make a difference in the lives of Milwaukee County residents with mental health needs.


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The Complacent: Need Not Apply

A BHD child and adolescent services nurse manager, Jeff is a "second-career nurse." He spent 20 years in construction and decided that he wanted a shift – to a career that allowed him to help others. And it has changed his life. Watch Jeff's story to learn what the change has meant to him.

Status Quo: Need Not Apply

Vie is a mom and a mental health nurse who works part-time with the Behavioral Health Division in psychiatric crisis services (PCS). She supports her family, while practicing a type of nursing that cannot be found anywhere else in our community.

The Apathetic: Need Not Apply

Lauren is a driven psychiatric crisis services nurse manager who had no intention of practicing "psych nursing" when she was in college. Now, she's on the front-line of a career that allows her to have an impact in her community and fight the stigma that surrounds mental health. Watch her story.

Working @ BHD

Now is a great time to join the team of nurses at the Behavioral Health Division hospital. With so much attention on the subject of substance abuse and mental health care nationally, we're really on the forefront of the organizations that are transforming the way we prevent, treat and assist our community with recovery from these illnesses. Our nurses work with the most severe and most in-need populations in Milwaukee County – allowing them to gain exposure to treatment practices they'll draw from their entire careers. 

What's more, our nurses have access to the following perks*:

  • $7,500 sign-on bonus for full-time RNs, GNs, Emergency Service Clinicians and Emergency Service Clinicians-RN

  • $3,750 sign-on bonus for part-time RNs, GNs, Emergency Service Clinicians and Emergency Service Clinicians-RN

  • Federal loan forgiveness through the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program, does not apply to those working in crisis services

  • School loan payback of up to $10,000 for full-time, hospital-based RNs 

  • School loan payback of up to $5,000 for part-time, hospital-based RNs with at least 40 hours per pay period

*Restrictions apply. Talk to our nurse recruiter for more details.

Highlighted Careers

Join the Milwaukee County DHHS Behavioral Health Division team. Our greatest needs right now are for acute care nurses and emergency services clinicians.

We have immediate part-time and full-time openings for acute care RNs for both afternoon and night shifts.

Sample responsibilities:

  • Assess physiological and psychosocial patient needs to develop diagnoses
  • Develop and fine tune a plan of care and evaluate outcomes with prescribed nursing practices
  • Employ care medication and treatment orders as prescribed by physicians, nurses and other disciplines
  • Respond to unpredictable patient situations
  • Evaluate, document and report pertinent client observations, concerns and reactions to physicians, the charge nurse or nursing supervisor
  • Establish and maintain communications with physicians, resource people and other healthcare disciplines
  • Write and speak effectively with patient families and healthcare staff

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The Behavioral Emergency Services Mobile unit seeks a full-time RN. As a member of the adult Crisis Mobile Team that focuses on completing psychiatric, psychosocial and medical assessments, you will stabilize people who are experiencing crisis and connect them to needed services, even hospitalization, when necessary.

Sample responsibilities:

  • Conduct psychiatric and medical assessment of adult patients and perform complete assessments of risk
  • Intervene in and manage the acute crisis phase of mental illness in the community
  • Provide follow-up and treatment to clients who experience crisis events but may not yet be linked to other services
  • Implement the patient's plan of care by using psychotherapeutic interventions related to crisis assessment and developing a crisis plan
  • Consult and collaborate with the Community Services Branch (TCM/CSP), local hospitals, police, the CART Team, CLASP program and other mental health professionals
  • Participate as a full member of the Crisis Mobile Team and assist in the Access Clinic and the Observation Unit, answer the crisis line and provide nursing assessment for admission to the Crisis Stabilization Houses

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  How do I apply online?

To get the fastest attention for your application, fill out the form on this page and our nurse recruiter will reach out to you directly. You can find and apply to all of our openings at the Milwaukee County’s Careers Portal.

  What is the expected timeframe before knowing my application status?

A recruiter will be in contact with you within seven to ten business days.

  I submitted an application, but have not heard back. What should I do?

If you have any questions regarding your application please feel free to contact the Milwaukee County Human Resources Department at 414-278-4143 or

  What is it like to work at BHD?

It's an exciting time to join our team. With the topics of mental health and substance use becoming more and more prominent in national conversations, Behavioral Health Division employees frequently find ourselves working on the front lines of a landscape that is quickly changing. Our organization is transforming to become a national best practice leader in the way that behavioral health services are delivered to individuals in our community - and employees are part of that continuous improvement process. Be sure to watch the videos on this page to hear from our own nurses, Jeff, Lauren and Vie, about what it's like behind the scenes here.

Want to learn more? Fill out the form on this page and our recruiter will connect with you to provide even more detail.

  I’ve heard the facility is closing. Is that true?

The Mental Health Complex was built in the 1960's to care for individuals with mental illness who, at that time, expected to permanently reside in this facility. Best practices in care and laws have changed. Over the past three years, we have only closed our long-term care floors.  The Behavioral Health Division is still in operation and we are excited to move forward, building a best practice model of care that includes partnering with excellent providers to provide acute inpatient and community-based services. Services provided in our acute hospital and psychiatric emergency department will move in two to three years. Employees who work in these departments are exceptionally trained and will have the opportunity to apply for positions in the new locations.

  Will I remain in my job through the transition to a new facility?

It is our expectation that Behavioral Health Division employees will remain employed through the transition of our hospital and psychiatric crisis services to the new facility.

  Where are BHD facilities located?

Our hospital is located in the Mental Health Complex at 9455 Watertown Plank Road, Milwaukee, WI 53226.


1220 W. Vliet St.

Suite 301

Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53205

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