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Recovering From COVID-19

Protecting While Rebuilding

COVID-19 has been catastrophic to the health and economy of our communities. Milwaukee County has been hit hard; we will make sure we get back up again. The top priority of the administration will be to protect the public health of Milwaukee County residents and to restart and rebuild our economy in a safe and productive manner.

Protecting Public Health

The best strategy to combat the worst effects of this pandemic is social distancing. If you can stay home, please stay home. If you cannot stay home, be as safe as possible by maintaining social distancing guidelines, wearing masks, and washing your hands.

County Executive Crowley is working diligently to keep you protected and safe in these trying times. That means coordinating with 11 different health departments within the 19 local municipalities to ensure a strong public health response that puts the citizens of Milwaukee County first. It also includes bringing stakeholders together from all different sectors (public health, law enforcement, first responders, business and labor leaders, and more) to find best practices to address the crisis.

Finally, the County Executive is working to educate harder-to-reach populations in Milwaukee County that have been disproportionately affected by COVID-19. Every decision that is made by his administration, including those related to battling COVID-19, will be made through a lens of promoting racial and social equity.

Rebuilding the Economy

Milwaukee County will continue to follow the guidelines set forth by our federal and state leaders to ensure a safe reopening of our economy that puts the health and safety of Milwaukee residents first.

In the wake of the current crisis, Milwaukee County is facing unprecedented financial difficulties and we need to respond. We will have fewer resources to provide the services upon which so many of our citizens rely, at a time when we need those services most. The County Executive is working with both the state and the federal government to ensure our county is getting the help that it needs.

County Executive Crowley does not hold ultimate power to combat this crisis and restart our economy. In our current situation, being a bridge builder is more important than ever; his administration will work with all municipality leaders to coordinate a safe reopening of Milwaukee County.


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