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County Executive David Crowley Statement in Observance of Labor Day 2021

MILWAUKEE, WI – The following is a statement from Milwaukee County Executive David Crowley in observance of Labor Day: 

“This is a Labor Day unlike any other, as we come together to honor all those who labor we celebrate the resiliency of our workers who’ve persevered and overcome the persistent challenges of the last year. 

“As we continue to work to end the pandemic, we take a moment to express gratitude for the healthcare workers, janitors, transit workers, emergency responders, and a host of others who have continued to show up, give their all, and help keep Milwaukee County moving forward. 

“Milwaukee County has a history of robust organizing and labor movements fighting for fair wages, safe workplaces, reasonable work hours, and an equal voice in the decision-making process. We’ve all benefited from the victories in equity gained by organized labor and because of their sacrifices we are all safer when we punch into work or call upon someone to complete a service. 

“Throughout the pandemic, workers have strived to continue the tradition of labor fighting for all workers to make sure they are safe and fairly treated. They’ve been an important partner at the table to make sure no one gets left behind as we work to rebuild. 

“In the past year, Milwaukee County has worked tirelessly to keep workers safe and assist with economic hardship caused by the pandemic. Thanks to the federal funds passed by Congress, we’ve been able to support small businesses, arts and cultural organizations, and other sectors of our economy. 

“We’ve also been able to support workforce development and job placement programs to help individuals return to the workplace after losing their livelihoods in 2020. In addition, we’ve kept over 8,000 residents in their homes through our mortgage assistance and eviction prevention programs. And, most importantly we’ve worked hard to administer live-saving vaccines that enabled residents to return a familiar way of life this summer.

“Hard-working residents are the backbone of Milwaukee County and the secret ingredient to the economic juggernaut that helps drive the economy of the entire state. We remain committed to supporting workers today, and every day, by giving them the dignity and respect they deserve.”  




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