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Milwaukee County Executive Statement in Observance of Labor Day

MILWAUKEE, WI – The following is the statement from Milwaukee County Executive David Crowley in observance of Labor Day:

 “On Labor Day, we honor all those who labor and contribute each day to making Milwaukee County a great place to work, live, and visit. This Labor Day, let us do more than honor their hard-work and sacrifice. Let’s also commit ourselves to building a more just and equitable economy that works for everyone and expands economic opportunity for all. 

“This year, Milwaukee County has worked to pass Paid Family Leave and increase wages for Milwaukee County employees. These policies make the County more competitive in the marketplace when hiring workers, but they also have a profound impact on the financial stability of households in our community. No one should have to choose between caring for a newborn and keeping a roof over their head. No one should have to worry about their financial stability when taking the time to mourn the loss of a child or take care of differently abled family member. 

“The past two years of an on-going public health crisis has shown us how important supporting workers on the frontlines, the essential workers who took on the thankless task of keeping Milwaukee County moving forward. It is these workers deemed essential, who are likely to be low wage workers, migrant workers, or workers of color, that have taken on a disproportionate share of the costs of the pandemic. 

“Even before the emergence of COVID-19, many residents worked for low wages and grappled with issues like housing insecurity or health access and affordability. I’m proud to say Milwaukee County has invested tens of millions into county services to meet the needs of residents and employees during the pandemic.

“However, there is only so much we can do to help workers on our own. We need the help of our partners at the state and federal level to make an even greater impact for working-class families. Both sides of the aisle must come together in Madison to pass the Governor’s middle-class tax cut plan to provide relief for households. And, in Washington, our leaders must find a way to pass federal Paid Family Leave and expand the Child Tax Credit which reduced the monthly poverty rate fell from 16.7% in February 2022 to 9.9% in March 2022. 

“Labor Day is day to recognize and celebrate the achievements of workers, but in these unique and economically challenging times, we must also see the holiday as opportunity to recognize the holistic needs of workers and advocate for policy that further advances equity and economic freedom.”  



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