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May 14, 2024

County Executive David Crowley Recognizes Mental Health Awareness Month

Milwaukee County is working to expand behavioral health services and address mental health challenges


MILWAUKEE – May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and Milwaukee County Executive David Crowley is highlighting efforts to expand access to mental health resources and supportive services for residents and families in his latest Public Service Announcement. County Executive Crowley’s administration is working to enhance mental health care accessibility and improve outcomes for individuals in need.

“Expanding access to mental health services has been a cornerstone of our mission to achieve racial equity and ensure Milwaukee County becomes the healthiest community in Wisconsin,” said County Executive Crowley. “This Mental Health Awareness Month, let’s recommit to the work ahead. Through innovative public-private partnerships and collaboration, we are breaking down barriers and helping people experiencing mental health challenges receive the care and support they need.”

Relocation of Mental Health Emergency Center: The strategic relocation from Wauwatosa to the King Park neighborhood has made the Mental Health Emergency Center more accessible to those requiring urgent care, ensuring critical services reach individuals experiencing mental health or substance use disorder-related crises. During its first year of operations, the center served over 7,000 community members.

Deployment of Mental Health Navigators: Recognizing the importance of proactive support, County Executive Crowley's administration deployed Mental Health Navigators throughout the community. These dedicated professionals provide essential resources and assistance to individuals navigating mental health challenges or substance use disorder crises.

Expansion of Mental Health Clinics and Crisis Stabilization Houses: Under County Executive Crowley’s leadership, Milwaukee County opened additional mental health clinics and crisis stabilization houses. These facilities play a vital role in ensuring individuals can readily access necessary support and treatment, fostering a continuum of care approach to mental health services.

Restructuring of Behavioral Health Services: Under Crowley's leadership, the Milwaukee County Behavioral Health Services Division has undergone a comprehensive restructuring. This strategic overhaul aims to expand mental health and substance use disorder services across a continuum of care and “No Wrong Door” philosophy, ensuring comprehensive support for individuals at every stage of their recovery journey.

Collaboration with CBS 58: In partnership with CBS 58, Milwaukee County is launching "Take a Moment for Your Mental Health," an initiative aimed at raising awareness and promoting mental wellness. This collaborative effort, led by the Milwaukee County Department of Health & Human Services (DHHS) and Behavioral Health Services (BHS) Division, underscores the collective commitment to prioritizing mental health in our community.

Anyone experiencing a mental health crisis can receive immediate support by calling the Milwaukee County 24-Hour Crisis Line at 414-257-7222. Learn more about Milwaukee County behavioral health resources and services HERE.




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