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July 31, 2023

County Executive David Crowley Celebrates County Board Vote to Secure Fiscal Future
and Preserve Critical Services for Most Vulnerable Residents

MILWAUKEE, WI – Today, in a meeting of the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors, members board members voted to enable an update to the current countywide sales tax, avert a looming fiscal cliff, and preserve critical services residents rely on each day. In a statement released after the vote, County Executive David Crowley praised members’ commitment to securing the future of Milwaukee County:

“Today, the County Board of Supervisors shaped the future of the Milwaukee County for years to come by avoiding a devastating fiscal cliff that posed to threaten irreparable harm to our community. After years of advocacy, Milwaukee County finally has the additional revenue needed to avert financial disaster.

“Thank you to the leadership of Chairwoman Maricela Nicholson, Finance Committee Chair Liz Sumner, and Personnel Committee Chair Willie Johnson, Jr. for their leadership and assistance in making this idea a reality. In addition, I am extremely grateful for the entire County Board of Supervisors for soliciting the opinions of their constituents and bringing that perspective to each part of the legislative process.

“We all share a vision of Milwaukee County where expanding programs making a difference in our neighborhoods, like youth services and housing services, are a possibility each year. We all strive for a future where we can make necessary investments to preserve the gems, like our world-class parks system, that make our region unique. And, with our stated goal of achieving race and health equity in mind, we all envision a future where health outcomes in our community aren’t determined by your race or where you live.

“Milwaukee County is now on a path to preserve critical services, invest in improving quality of life for all county residents, and accomplishing our vision of a healthier, safer Milwaukee County for all.”



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