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Milwaukee County Executive David Crowley Statement in Observance of Veterans Day 2021

MILWAUKEE – The following is the statement of Milwaukee County Executive David Crowley in observance of Veterans Day: 

“Today, we honor and remember every person who has worn the uniform of our country and unselfishly placed their lives on their line for our freedoms. We salute the spirit of the American service member, and we honor the sacrifices of those who fulfilled their obligations and now proudly call themselves American veterans.

“Milwaukee County is the proud home of over 44,000 veterans.  They are our neighbors. Our friends. Our families. Our loved ones.

“My Uncle Carl who I am honored to have been given his name as my middle name, served and died in Vietnam.  Uncle Carl was a welder in the military who worked in foundries before joining the military for the chance to serve his country and improve his quality of life when he returned home. Unfortunately, Uncle Carl didn’t make it back home. His loss took a huge toll on the family, especially my Grandparents. 

“This is the potential sacrifice everyone makes when they enlist to serve in our military. The Crowley family has made this sacrifice, and yet we remain committed to this country and the ideals of freedom that it was built on. Uncle Carl has many aspects to his legacy, but for me, his memory is a reminder that we only have one life to live, and sometimes we make great sacrifices in this life in order to help others. 

“Veterans Day isn’t just a day for veterans – it’s a day for all us to remember why our fellow Americans chose to serve, what they were fighting for, and what we can do to honor their sacrifice to protect our freedom and the freedom of future generations of Americans. 

“On this Veterans Day, I’m proud to honor the memory of my Uncle and all of the veterans who’ve made different sacrifices to defend our freedoms. 

“To all veterans, we say thank you. God bless you, and may Veterans Day, and every day, bring you joy in the freedoms our country enjoys because of your sacrifices.”


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