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Ryan Clancy

4th District Supervisor


Milwaukee County Courthouse

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Dear Neighbor,

I’m honored to represent you. I’m excited to work for you, and with you, to make this a Milwaukee for all of us. If you have anything that I can help you with, feel free to email or call me. If I can’t help you myself, I’ll try to put you in contact with someone who can. If you have ideas or suggestions on how to make this a better place for us all, I’d like to hear those, too.

Best Regards,
Supervisor Ryan Clancy

How to Contact the 4th District

Call my office at (414) 278-4232

Email me at

About Supervisor Clancy

Supervisor Ryan Clancy was elected in 2020 after knocking on more than 10,000 doors (and, during the pandemic, then making hundreds of phone connections) with residents from across the 4th District.

Ryan has a bachelor's degree in English and secondary education from Beloit College, and a master's degree in negotiation, conflict resolution and peacebuilding from California State University, Dominguez Hills, with coursework on the ground in Israel and Palestine.

A lifelong activist, his advocacy has taken him to the Philippines, where he served as a Peace Corps volunteer, to Indonesia, where he trained to do unarmed protective accompaniment for human rights volunteers, and to Iraq, where he worked with students and protested the occupation in 2003. Closer to home, in Virginia he worked with youth from areas of conflict around the world, protested at Standing Rock, and has been arrested or risked arrest protesting for immigrant rights in Milwaukee and Racine.

A frequent volunteer with disaster relief organizations, Ryan has volunteered in shelters in areas of natural disasters, as well as warming rooms in Milwaukee County.

Ryan taught for Milwaukee Public Schools for years, first as a substitute teacher, where he became familiar with schools and families across the city, and then in a project-based MPS school, and has continued to advocate for public schools, and all students.

Since 2014, Ryan and his wife Becky have run a bar/restaurant/community center/entertainment complex in the Polonia neighborhood. Based on that experience, he founded the Progressive Restaurant and Activists of Wisconsin Network, which advocates for higher wages, paid time-off and better working conditions for employees in the service industry.

Ryan and Becky live in the Bay View neighborhood with their five children: Desmond, James, Alex, Sebastian and Fiona, their friend Carlos, and a hedgehog.

Map of the 4th Supervisory District

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