Trail Etiquette & Safety

Because the Oak Leaf Trail is made up in part of parkway drives and municipal streets, you must obey all traffic signs and signals.

    • Yield to others already on the trail.
    • Ride, walk, run, or skate on the RIGHT-hand side of the trail and roadways, with the flow of traffic.
    • Do not weave in and out between parked cars.
    • Keep to the RIGHT on the trail.
    • Ride single file.
    • Travel at a safe speed. Travel at a speed that will not disturb or risk injury to others on the trail. Reduce your speed on sharp turns and blind corners.
    • Pass with care. When passing another person, call out, "On your left." If you are the person being passed, acknowledge the signal with a wave and move to the right.
    • Ride only in designated areas. Do not ride on park lawns, walks, or foot trails. Riding in undesignated areas is unsafe and can damage the landscape.
    • When stopping, move to the right, off the pathway.
    • Use proper hand signals when turning. To avoid a collision, drivers need to know where you are going.
    • At busy intersections, walk your bike.
    • Skate on city sidewalks when on municipal street segments of the trail. In-line skating is not allowed on city streets.
    • Wear brightly colored clothing. Make yourself visible to drivers
    • Use headlights at night. When it's dark, use a white headlight, mounted on your handlebars or helmet, and a red rear reflector or light.
    • Care about your brain! Wear a helmet! Also use appropriate protective equipment such as knee pads for in-line skating. For more on helmet use, see the position paper of the American Association of Orthopaedic Surgeons. (external link)
    • Keep Fido leashed and under control at all times. Keep you dog on a short lead so the leash (no longer than 6 feet) doesn't extend across the path, causing a biker or skater to fall onto your dog. Your dog is not allowed in posted areas, which include beaches, picnic areas, children's play areas, and athletic fields. You must pick up your dog's waste immediately for disposal at your home.
      Follow all regulations about dogs in the parks. Also see other park locations which allow dogs.


Safety & Security Concerns
If you have any safety or security concerns about any part of the trail, please contact us.




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