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F.A.Q. Institutions


  Why are deputies at Froedtert Hospital?

To provide 24 hour security in the ER (emergency department) as well the entire hospital complex.

  What is an ED?

An ED is an emergency detention of an individual who is in need of medical clearance and mental evaluation.

  How does one get a person ED?

If a person states to a witness or if someone witnesses a person making threats to harm himself/herself or anyone else, then an investigation is conducted. If at the end of the investigation there is conclusive evidence, the person is subject to emergency detention.

  How do I get a restraining order?

Deputies refer the individuals to the district attorney's office.

  What can be done about my out of control child?

Deputies refer the individuals to social services and children's court.

About the Institution Grounds

Deputies of the Police Services Bureau provide law enforcement services to the Milwaukee Regional Medical Center (MRMC). These services include enforcing criminal and traffic laws, local parking regulations and any other violations of state statues and county ordinances. The division that patrols the grounds consists of one Captain, two Sergeants and thirteen deputies.

In addition to the above services, deputies also perform emergency detentions as requested by MRMC medical staff as well as requests from citizens of family members. Deputies also assist the public, employees and other agencies who bring prisoners for treatments and medical care at the MRMC.

In all, the institution deputies provide a safe environment for patients, visitors and MRMC employees by maintaining order and control 24 hours a day, with two Depuies per shift. 

To ensure the continued safety and security of employees, patients and visitors, quarterly meetings are held with Sheriff's department institution administrative and security mangers of the MRMC tenants. The purpose is to provide a forum where security and concerns are discussed and resolved.


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