Desert Dome


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Arid regions cover about 1/3 of the Earth's surface and are home to a great diversity of plants and animals as well as 720 million people.

Come to the deserts of Africa, Madagascar, South America and North America in the Desert Dome where one of the world's finest collections of cacti, succulents (plants that can store water), shrubs and arid-land bulbs grow.

An Oasis of desert palms beckons as paths lead you past many plant oddities with intriguing geometric forms, subtle coloration and unique adaptations to hot, dry habitats.

The Desert Dome's fine collections are grouped by geographic regions. Each area is characterized by unique plant species able to survive drought and intense hot sun. Although many of these plants look like cacti, cacti are native only to North, Central and South America. Regional signs as well as individual plant labels will help you recognize these extraordinary plants.


The collections are quite extensive. Learn more about the highlights of the Desert Dome.

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