Interactive Mapping: Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I find help?  Is there a tutorial?

To access help while using the service, click on the    icon located in the upper right-hand corner of the interactive mapping window.  A tutorial providing detailed information about the tools in the service, along with a few simple exercises, may be accessed by following the link at the bottom of the Interactive Mapping welcome page.    

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What is the difference between the "public" viewer and the "secure" viewer? Do I need access to the secure viewer? 

The public viewer, which is available to the general public without the need for a user name and password, does not allow the user to export copyrighted data.  The secure viewer offers MCAMLIS partners functionality not available with the public viewer, such as the ability to export copyrighted data. 


Access to the secure viewer is restricted to MCAMLIS partners, and is provided via a unique user name and password (available upon request)If you represent a MCAMLIS partner and seek the ability to download MCAMLIS-copyrighted data, access to the secure viewer may be of benefit to you. 

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What is MCAMLIS?  Is my organization associated with MCAMLIS?  Can my organization access the secure viewer?

MCAMLIS (Milwaukee County Automated Mapping & Land Information System) is a public-private consortium formed in 1990 by Milwaukee County, Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District (MMSD), AT&T, and WE Energies. MCAMLIS develops, maintains, & distributes the automated mapping data that serves as a basis for land information-related activities within Milwaukee County.


In addition to its affiliation with Milwaukee County, MMSD, We Energies, and AT&T, MCAMLIS is partnered with SEWRPC (Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Committee) and the local governments within Milwaukee County: the Cities of Milwaukee, Glendale, Wauwatosa, St. Francis, West Allis, Cudahy, South Milwaukee, Greenfield, Franklin, & Oak Creek, and the Villages of Bayside, River Hills, Brown Deer, Whitefish Bay, Fox Point, Shorewood, West Milwaukee, Hales Corners, & Greendale (for more information about MCAMLIS partners, visit the MCAMLIS Links page).  MCAMLIS partners may request access to the Interactive Mapping Service's secure viewer. 

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How do I request login access to the secure viewer? 

If you represent a MCAMLIS partner and wish to access the secure viewer, you may request a user name and password from the Milwaukee County Land Information Office via the Request Access to Secure Viewer page. Otherwise, the public viewer (which does not require a user name and password) is available to all users.

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How do I find information about a data layer (metadata), such as how current the data is, the data's source, how the data was collected, the precision or accuracy of the data, etc.?

Users may access a layer's metadata (or "data about data") by clicking on the layer's name in the Layer List.  If metadata is available for a layer, it will appear as an available "layer action."  If metadata is not currently available, please check back at a later date.

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Why does the viewer show areas outside of Milwaukee County?  Why is there no data available for areas outside of the County? 

At smaller viewing scales ("zoomed out"), regional counties have been included to provide context.  In the future, we expect to add hyperlinking to surrounding areas that will direct users to land information websites of other counties in the region, where available. 


Land information outside of Milwaukee County is beyond the scope, purpose, and intent of  the Milwaukee County Land Information Office's Interactive Mapping Service.  For data outside of Milwaukee County, please contact the county or municipality whose land information you wish to obtain.

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My city or village provides online property assessment information.  Is the property information provided by the Interactive Mapping Service the same information that I can access from my municipality's tax assessment/property information search page?

The property information provided by this service should be the same as that provided by your city or village, but may differ in some cases due to time delays, etc.  If a discrepancy is discovered, or you question the accuracy of the information available, it is best to defer to the most current information available from your city or village tax assessor's office.

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How do I search for property information using a street address?  Why doesn't the viewer find a property at an address that I know is correct?

The address search button is accessed by selecting the Search toolset from the drop-down box located in the upper left-hand corner of the viewer:


When searching by address, the search string must include at least the house number and street name.  In many cases, a property may have more than one house number, such as when a parcel contains a duplex or a group of apartment buildings.  In these cases, the property is linked to only one (usually the lowest) house number.  For example, information on the property containing the duplex at 3059-3061 N Frederick Ave. is found using the address search string "3059 Frederick," not "3061 Frederick."    

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How do I search for property information using the owner's name? 

The owner search button is accessed by selecting the Search toolset from the drop-down box located in the upper left-hand corner of the viewer:


When searching by owner name, enter at least the last name of an individual property owner.  In cases where an organization is the property owner, enter a phrase that makes up part of the organization's name.  It may be necessary to narrow down the number of records that are returned by including an owner's first name or by modifying the name of the organization entered.  

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If I encounter a technical issue, such as an error message or a situation where the mapping viewer responds unexpectedly, how do I bring this to the attention of the Milwaukee County Land Information Office?   

The "Submit Feedback" page provides users a way to report technical problems.  When reporting an issue, please provide as much information as possible about your specific problem, such as the exact wording of an error message received, what task you were attempting, tools you were using, the viewing scale, visible and active layers, what web browser you are using, etc.  This will help us quickly identify the problem and find a solution.   

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I found what I believe to be a data error in one of the available layers - how do I bring this to the attention of the Milwaukee County Land Information Office?

The "Submit Feedback" page should be used to report potential data discrepancies discovered in the service. 

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I have a comment about the Interactive Mapping Service that I would like to share - how do I do so?

We have provided a "Submit Feedback" page where users may submit comments about the service.

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What is the source of the property information provided by the Interactive Mapping Service

For properties outside of the City of Milwaukee, information has been compiled from documents submitted to the Milwaukee County Register of Deeds Office.  Information on City of Milwaukee properties has been compiled from data maintained by the City of Milwaukee.

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What if my question is not answered here?

Please use the "Submit Feedback" page to submit questions about the service. 

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The city, village, or County department for which I work does not have a web-based GIS application of its own.  Is it possible for my organization to have its own customized version of the Interactive Mapping Service?

If your organization is a MCAMLIS partner, opportunities exist for custom web-mapping applications based on the Interactive Mapping Service, built and hosted by the Milwaukee County Land Information Office to meet the specific interactive mapping needs of MCAMLIS partners.  To begin a dialogue in which options may be explored, contact us via the "Submit Feedback" page.

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Why isn't the web mapping system working? The map isn't displaying correctly and the table of contents isn't responding normally.

Recent browser updates have created some compatibility issues. Check your browser version with the recommended versions in this document. If that does not resolve the issue, please contact us via the "Submit Feedback" page.

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