Geospatial Data

The purpose of the Geospatial Data page is to provide the public with access to the geographic data available through the Milwaukee County Land Information Office. Users may use this site to access and/or download geographic data and the associated metadata (when available). Users who wish to access or download data agree to understand and abide by the terms and conditions of the MCLIO Data Requisition Guidelines. Data that is not available via ArcGIS Map Service or in your preferred format can be requested using the data request form.


You may view all vector datasets maintained by the MCLIO here. To see all raster datasets, click here.


Please note, data not available via an ArcGIS Map Service or in your preferred format can be requested. There may be a cost associated with distributing the data that will be estimated at the time of the request.  All data in this catalog (unless otherwise noted) is referenced to the GCS North American 1927 coordinate system, using the NAD 1927 datum and Clarke 1866 spheroid. (NAD_1927_StatePlane_Wisconsin_South_FIPS_4803)  - WMS Services, by default, are in GCS_WGS_1984. It is recommended that you do not add them first to a map document, or be sure to set the projection to Wisconsin State Plane after adding the layer.


Methods of Accessing Data


MCLIO Download App: Topographic/Planimetric and Cadastral Data

Available by Township Section in CAD and GDB Format


Data Download Form: Access a Variety of County-Wide Data

Formats: GDB, LAS, TIF, SID


Connect to MCLIO Services Through the Data Table Below

LYR open in ArcGIS, Map Services provide direct connection to data


Data Request Form

Request special data formats or AOIs



Layer Name Description Category Metadata Map Service ArcGIS Layer File

Milwaukee Metro Geospatial Events

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